Top 15 Most Popular Songs of Doja Cat To Listen in 2022!

Top 15 Most Popular Songs of Doja Cat To Listen!
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Skilled in crafting irresistible, stunning pieces, with highly captivating visuals, Doja Cat is one A-game artist that has continually proven the originality and excellent compositions of her creative records. The award-winning, controversial and talented rapper has been up and about since the early 2010s. This piece includes a list 15 best songs that we’ve gotten from her creative flows over the years.

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1. Kiss Me More ft. SZA

When the Tarzana-born rapper and her collaborating singer, SZA cooked up the bang that came in as Planet Her‘s lead single “Kiss Me More,” it isn’t likely that they had this song all figured out to be the record-breaking, chart-topping, and award-winning badass single it turned out to be. From giving both artists their first wins at the 64th Grammy Awards in April to grabbing a number one on Amazon Music and a top 10 in multiple countries with a No. 7 on the US Billboard on its release. The single ” Kiss Me More” also shined as a top record when it grabbed wins for the dip at the MTV VMAs and AMAs in 2021, and BMAs in 2022.

If you haven’t listened to the track before now, you might be wondering what type of record exactly had the power to bring all that in. Well, as Doja said herself in her interview with Apple Music, “I wanted to make a song about kissing…just a song that’s solely about kissing.” Right. “Kiss Me More” explores a pictorial expression of the singers’ smooching desires with their respective lovers. This record is as sensual and explicit as you can have it, especially with the singers themselves being two of the hottest divas that we’ve got on that stage.

2. Woman

Creating a musical piece that surrounds the essence of women and femme power is not uncommon, especially among contemporary female artists. For Doja’s version of this song, she makes an exploration of the unique and innumerable qualities and attributes that emphasize the dynamism of being feminine. The singer spells out in her lyrics, the woman’s abilities as a homemaker without forgetting to back up the essence of modern feminine power in her second verse. Thus, the two-time RIAA certified and US Billboard single, “Woman” single comes off as the song we can all vibe to while thinking of the relevance of women empowerment in society and the likes, an analysis that many would subscribe to.

However, others suggest the over-glorification of practical dominance and protection over women as the lyrics of the song in the latter part of the first verse and the chorus implies. While the single, which leads the group of over 15 tracks that make up the singer’s third album, Planet Her, did not exactly hit the charts with a bang on its release as you would expect, the record did eventually make it to the top of charts in multiple countries. In fact, its entry into US Billboard Hot 100 marked the record that makes Doja the first-ever female rapper to have three singles from one album hit the chart’s top 10! With a top 40 on Spotify, the song has a record of over 900 million streams on the platform.

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3. You Right ft. The Weekend

Ever been stuck between doing what you know is right or just throwing caution into the air and doing the other thing anyway? “You Right” is definitely one song that’ll resonate with you in that situation. Alongside popular R&B singer, The Weeknd, Doja Cat presents a storyline of a woman stuck in the throes of her affair, unwilling to let go of her love interest for a man that she’s been with for a long time. In this piece, both singers take turns in the conversation, with the woman baring out her indecisiveness to stick with either of the men in her life. While The Weeknd on his part gives a reminder of how the man she’s got is in fact, stuck to her past, he admits that she wouldn’t want to leave him because he’s always been there before her success.

Despite being a record from the collaboration of two pop stars, “You Right” took some time before finally shining through its lead positions with the different chart appearances. The two-time RIAA platinum-certified made it to more than 30 music charts including eight of the United States’ most popular, including a No. 1 on US Rhythmic, a No. 2 on US R&B/Hip Hop Airplay, alongside a No. 5 on US mainstream Top 40. This is supported by multiple top 10s in the UK, South Africa, Lebanon, and New Zealand.

4. Rules

Talk about having a girl who’s clear on her rules for getting together with you, and not scared of spelling it all out. The energy in the lyrics of the song alone is enough to get you gyrating along even if you’re listening for the first time. Taking that femme-spirit to another level, Doja sings out her demands using the usual sultry, carefree lyrics and mannerisms that she’s known for. While the song addresses the prerequisites of being her man in a part of the record, she ensures to throw some jabs at non-fans and possible adversaries.

Perfectly complemented by the captivating visual representation that can only be inspired by the singer’s creativity, the RIAA platinum-certified and BPI silver-certified single, “Rules” gained more attention with many music lovers rushing in to watch the video. This earned Doja an uncommon record of about 5 million views on YouTube in only one week, with the song earning a No. 8 on the US Bubbling Under R&B/Pop Singles.

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5. Need To Know

This Grammy-nominated record is one of the masterpieces that make up the latest album. Like other songs on the list, “Need To Know” is yet another excellent exhibition of Doja’s art, from the songwriting to its lyrical compositions, sound, and definitely, the music video. As she started, she heard of his sexual prowess from ‘a friend of a friend’ and absolutely wants to get together with him. While the song isn’t exactly different from Doja’s style of love, sexuality, and the rap in between, this single comes in super spicy and explicit with the details of how much she wants her new love interest to do, regardless of his current relationship status.

Not only did the song grab an MTV VMAs nomination for the Song of the Summer, but the single has also gained triple RIAA and ARIA platinum, with appearances on charts across multiple countries! Did we mention that the song actually hit a number on two US Billboard charts? Right. former leads at the apex number of US Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 and US Rhythmic, accompanied by more than five top 10s in other charts.

6. Boss B*tch

this song is another of the 2020 classics of Doja Cat. Released on January 23, the record was met with applause from the industry’s best and is in fact regarded as one of the best musical creations of that year! The phrase ‘Boss B*tch’ itself means the independent successful female who stays at the top of her game and has confidence. Doja Cat as always brings these words alive and embodies that meaning wholly. An anthem for every woman who’s on her own feet and of course, as Doja calls it, “the whole d*amn cake and the cherry on top!” Now, what would you not love about this song?

Not surprisingly, “Boss B”tch” hit the charts wildly! Although the song only made the 100th position on the Hot 100, this didn’t stop its ascension to the heights of the top 10s on other charts. As one of the soundtracks on the album Birds of Prey, the record sets itself apart as a leading track with its sound, energy, and commercial visuals. The song is undeniably one of Doja Cat’s best creations yet.

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7. Say So

Apart from being the song that earned Doja Cat her first US No. 1, “Say So” is one of the top biggest songs that has been released by the LA native. While it’s undeniable that Nicki’s presence in the second version of the song gave it more credits it remains a fact that this single has been a hit from the start! Grabbing a No. 4 on Billboard Hot 100 at its first release, the solo “Say So” got TikTok into a frenzy with the viral Haley Shape Dance challenge. When the song combines the initial successor its sound with the remix with Nicki Minaj, the single practically flew to the sky, landing big on Hot 100 No. 1, alongside numerous Top 10s and Top 5s in leading charts across the world.

This masterpiece also has its title tied to some of the best awards in the industry, including a two-time Grammy nomination, one nomination from BET and the American Music Awards, and of course, her three wins at the BMI Awards, MTV VMAs, Japan, NAACP Image Awards, and a Guinness World Record in respect of her duo success with Minaj on the US Singles Chart. “Say So” plays around the downsides of being unable to reach out to a love interest, even when the chemistry is high and evident to onlookers.

8. Get Into It (Yuh)

Remember the viral ‘Get Into It’ TikTok challenge that had everyone grooving in late 2021? Right, it is this “Get Into It” and you can tell why it’s on our list of Doja’s best. Although at No. 23 on Billboard Hot 100, the record makes up for that with her No. 2 on US Rhythmic, a No. 5 on Mainstream Top 40, and a No. 7 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Another top 40 in New Zealand and Canada puts the track higher on the scales of the charts.

Many regard this song as a chip off Nicki Minaj’s mannerisms, and this isn’t surprising because the singer herself, Doja Cat has never been quiet about the love that she’s got for the legendary musician. In fact, the last few words at the end of the song in appreciation of the iconic rapper are an example. Likewise, the creativity and expressive characters present in the music video of this record is another plus to the production and its commercial success.

9. Juicy ft. Tyga

Another title is the group of the singer’s biggest releases, “Juicy” which has the singer unabashedly praising and adoring her attractive ‘back’ and promoting it as the ‘juicy’ ‘plump’ part of her body that her lover cannot afford to resist. Using as many sultry words as she can, Doja lets it all out in this record, and when she finally brings Tyga in for the remix, the listener realizes that the singer isn’t bluffing, after all, she does keep the man in her life tied on with what that beauty that she’s got.

While Doja regarded her days of Amala as undefined, this song, “Juicy” is evidently one of those that managed to shine, regardless of the odds. A big one for the sensual artist, the song earned Doja some of her first records in music, including a debut entry into the Billboard Hot 100. The triple RIAA platinum-certified record also grabbed another platinum in Brazil, with several Golds flanking the former.

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10. Like That ft. Gucci Mane

First released as one of the records on her sophomore album, the “Like That” single is a collaboration between Doja and rapper Gucci Mane. While it seemingly skyrocketed in performances in 2020, the song had actually been a hit right from inception, influenced partly by the suspense effect of Doja blurring the name of the collaborating artist. The record, which comes in as an expression of affection to a lover has the singers selling out the exact manner that they want to be loved. With no sugarcoating, Doja praises her lover for his efforts at pleasing her and encourages him through “Like That” to do even more.

The single didn’t fail to snatch up its place on the charts, entering a top 50 on Billboard Hot 100, with multiple top 40s in Australia and Canada, while taking a No. 4 on US Rhythmic. The artists no doubt, investing in the commercial process of the record, and it did quite well for itself.

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11. Streets

It’s safe to say that this track from Hot Pink is arguably one of Doja’s most perfect portrayals of ‘love lost’ emotions. Doja sings longingly of a past heartthrob, one that she is so convinced that she cannot find a replacement for. When you listen to the vocal emotions used for this track, it becomes more convincing that ‘Streets’ is no ‘out of the blues,’ song, but possibly, the manifestation of the singer’s personal love experience. It’s themed with want and yearning for the old kind of love, which she, unfortunately, can no longer get, or find in any other man, because the lover in question is ‘a rare breed.’

“Streets” proved to be that one song that blew the singer off, because according to her interview with MTV News, Doja Cat says that “I did not see it coming….” Evidently, that record was simply a favorite for her, and it was pleasantly surprising the turnout that it had with the public and its chart performances. The record practically had ‘everyone’ in on the infamous silhouette challenge that trended for weeks on TikTok and outside it. “Streets” successfully bagged the artist a top 10 on the Global 200’s chart at No. 8, with millions of streams, downloads, and of course, a double RIAA platinum certification among others.

12. Ain’t sh

Before its official release, this record had already gained recognition online as N.A.S, and so it is one of her most anticipated song releases. When it finally dropped in July 2021, the record made a nice entry into Billboard Hot 100 in a Top 30 at No. 24, a record which is replicated on the UK Singles Chart, Canada, and Global 200. Then, you see it attain a top 10 on US Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs, New Zealand, and Sweden, with a No. 13 on South Africa’s RISA and certified sales of over 1000,000 earning it platinum from the US RIAA.

Known for her explorations of practically everything related to sex and relationships, Doja once again in this album track fires her shots at male partners who have always proven to be of no use, but comfortable enough to be fed on the woman’s money and resources. The singer also points out how important it is to take her friends’ words into consideration, when they raise concerns about the man that she’s with, after all, “Niggas ain’t shit.”

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13. Won’t Bite ft. Smino

“Won’t Bite,” Doja Cat’s sophomore track off the artist’s second album, Hot Pink was released in November 2019. Probably one of the rapper’s most anticipated collabs, the track takes on an exciting and intriguing form and is in fact one of her best tracks because of the presence of her colleague, Smino. The song starts out with some two-letter rhymes that set the listener on in anticipation of what the body of the song would sound like.

The whole point that the lyrics make is Doja reassuring that she can be harmless even if she looks quite daunting. She however gives out some lines that caution men that might want to take her for a fool. Despite being a non-single on her album, the song is one of the most loved by fans as it’s got almost 20 million views and thousands of comments on YouTube in recognition of the song’s thrilling lyrics and sound.

14. Vegas

This record is yet another of the rapper’s classics. Released in the first week of May 2022, “Vegas” had a fair chart performance, making it to the top 40 on Billboard Hot 100 at number 34, and number 35 on the UK Singles Chart. However, we do have it as a top 10 on the ARIA chart in Australia at number 4, a number 7 on the US Hot Rap Songs, and then a number 8 and number 5 on Billboard Japan and Recorded Music NZ(New Zealand) respectively. The lyrics of the song have Doja calling out a seemingly treacherous man who was once honored enough to be her lover but ended up messing things up with his ‘playa’ persona.

While listening to this track, get ready to be familiar with the persistent reference to the man as a “hound dog.” Also, if you wonder who exactly the ‘Hound Dog’ being lashed out at in this lyrical song is, you should be informed that the record was purposely written as one of the soundtracks prepared for the upcoming biopic being created in honor of the legendary American singer, actor and superbly talented entertainer, Elvis Presley.

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15. Go To Town

You can call “Go To Town” one of Doja’s regulars from the early days of her debut album, Amala. This record is one that the singer herself would not recommend to you, as she says in one of her videos with Elle, “That one is really difficult to listen to for me…I don’t like that one.” While she clearly expresses displeasure at the complexity of its lyrics, the record is actually a sensual, sexual song, and is not very different from Doja Cat’s present style of sexualizing her songs with clearly vulgar meanings and interpretations.

“Go To Town,” actually possesses a rhythmic melody that has you nodding to its beat and grooving to the sound, especially when you get to see the baby girl that’s rousing the mood in the song’s official video. It’s no wonder that the visual has raked in almost 6 million views and is in fact, a favorite for some of Doja’s fans.