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43 Hottest Photos of Amber Heard Which Make Your Day

Hottest Photos of Amber Heard Which Make Your Day
Photo: Amber's Instagram

Many were first introduced to Texas-born actress, Amber Heard in Jonathan Levine’s “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” back in 2006. However, the then-upcoming actress had already been in multiple television shows and films as a supporting character. Her earliest viewers might have caught her in movies like “Friday Night Lights,” “Drop Dead Sexy,” “Alpha Dog,” or “North Country.” So, you can trace and pioneer works in entertainment to 2004. Thus, Heard’s acting journey is almost down to 20 years and she’s still killing It with her versatility and professional role-playing on our screens.

Being a high-profile actress has not been the only thing going on for Amber. The American performer has shown that she is quite passionate about justice and would go the extra mile to ensure that it is served. Her activities as a top Human Rights activist for children and adults, and women’s rights, in particular, are proof of her deep interest. So, when you can’t see an actress doing some great stuff on TV, you can be sure to find her on the other side, performing humanitarian and charity duties to make lives better. You might say this is influenced by her personal experience, as the actress herself has made headlines various times for her call for justice regarding domestic violence, against her estranged spouse, Johnny Depp.

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While she’s up and doing all around, the talented entertainer has not been working without notice and global recognition. The entertainer has been awarded and nominated for awards multiple times, her first being the Young Hollywood Awards as the Breakthrough of the Year in 2008. She has also been nominated for an MTV Movie and TV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and the Saturn Awards, among others.

Now, it would be a crime to end this piece without serving some spicy moments from Amber’s gallery. If you’ve heard that she’s one of the sexiest women that Hollywood has got, then you should see for yourself in these hand-picked exciting photos.

Here are recent hot photos of Amber Heard which will make your day!


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A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard)

The fleshy hot legs of Amber Heard are so refreshing to see. Like an ointment to an injury, like a lullaby to unslept eyes.


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A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard)

This messy look in the kitchen with this beautiful cleavage view. What more can we ask from life as we are seeing this diva apparently taking a morning selfie.

Fresh like a daisy. Amber Heard seems out of this world with her no-makeup look. Do you know someone so stunning as Amber?

She, enjoying the moment, feeling the surroundings and we, praising her creator for this astounding creation in the form of Amber Heard.

She herself is sunshine, what sunshine can overshadow her. Amber looks gorgeous in this casual look and we are totally stunned.

Enough to kill someone with a weak heart. Amber, slaying in this cheetah print dress with her curved waist and grinning teeth. Damn!

Looking ethereal in this gown, she is looking no less than a princess here. Undoubtedly, she is blessed with much charm and beauty.

This sun-kissed photo shows the perfection of her skin, not only the skin is clean but smooth and soft. How lucky her co-actors must be, LOL!

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Seems like the diva is all set to leave for some red-carpet event and enlighten the evening with her shining appearance and captivating personality.

The slim limbs, the perfect face cut, and perfection everywhere. No wonder she has one of the most beautiful faces according to science.

The whole pic seems dry and plain and then, comes, her beautiful red lips that spark the light and grant prettiness to this B&W image.

No one, just Amber Heard looking at you smiling as you are seeing her with wide-open eyes and open mouth as you are mesmerized by her angelic looks.

To you, it may be Amber Heard enjoying her time traveling. To us, Amber honors the places worldwide with her presence. We are not the same.

Seems like she is high and we are feeling low seeing her high. This lady has crossed all limits of looking sexy every time, every day, everywhere.

In these braids, Amber is giving some teenage vibes and we can’t stop adoring her in this look. Especially the flower tattoo has glued our gazes.

Hmmm. Seeing her with open hair, naked legs, and puffy eyes. Have something fishy in your mind? We bet you have, of course, everyone has.

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Slaying like a queen, Amber Heard looks ethereal in this red outfit and maroon lip color. Her hair band is so in theme with her blonde hair.

Perfect curves in an imperfect picture. Do you think if you would wear this and stand like this, someone would have sighed seeing you this way, no, never, ever? She is Amber Heard.

All we can do seeing her this is just close our eyes, and repeat. Why Amber Why? Why are you so pretty? Keep that in the loop.

Looks like a click from the mid-20th century. The best part about Amber is her looks are classical. On a go, she is a sexy check and in a second, she can slay like an ancient princess.

Blue sea, blue dress, blue eyes. Do you still think, we have enough words to praise her out-of-the-world beauty? Don’t think so.

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This Valentino gown in the after-party of Aqua man is making Amber more glowing. She literally shined in the movie besides working with Jason Momoa.

Amber is referred to as one of the most beautiful actresses and not only good looking but she is a legit talented performer.

Her smile is one of the most precious things in the world. Not only this smile has the power to win our hearts but the power that forces us to give her a smile back.

A bunch of curled hair on her forehead is enough for Amber to slay a look. As if this was not enough, her red lipstick is putting the heat on the moment,

Her hair color and the hair tied in a simple bun are so satisfying and pleasing to the eyes. Very simple makeover with immense glory in it.

Another photo of this striking gown. Amber looks happy and energetic in this one. Her sparkling smile must have beautified the event.

The luscious lips of Amber Heard are not dependent on any gloss or lipstick. Just her morning face is enough to feel butterflies inside us.

Lady boss Amber is giving some dominant looks here. Whether vulnerable or bossy, she is admirable in all ways, period.

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As if her natural face was not sufficient to make us bow down in front of her loveliness, she is adding more prettiness to it. So unfair, Amber.

She is aging like fine wine, and surely, in her 40s and 50s, she is anticipated to get more lead roles with these immensely attractive looks.

This is completely illegal to look that drop-dead gorgeous and not only this but also to lay down with open hair. Where is the justice?

The pink cheeks and rosy lips with an ethnic bracelet in her soft delicate hands and above all this smile have surpassed every beautiful thing in this world.

The side pose is as perfect as the front view. The white top and black pants yet the most colorful photo because, she is Amber heard, no one else.

Having some fun, Amber giving some naughty expressions here. The blue-line white top on her fresh skin couldn’t look much better as it is after she had worn it.

Looking simple like a girl next door, stopping the sun from kissing her is the most selfish thing she could do to the sun.

How much preparation do we usually do to take a selfie, if you are Amber Heard you have to follow 2 steps: Red lipstick and hair on one side. Here you go.

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Some study time for Amber. Nailing this casual look, she is effortlessly laying on the couch pretending she knows nothing about our craze for her.

Yet again, another masterpiece photo of Amber. A slightly open mouth is taking our breath away and she is so unaware of this. What an irony.

In love with her earrings in this. She herself is an epitome of gorgeousness but her accessories have another collection of compliments.

Like a freshly blooming flower, Amber is no less than a flower here in fact a garden with limitless blossom and colors.

That perfect wink of her eyeliner and the pinkish makeup – are we still trying to praise her in words. Hats off to us, we made it to her last photo finally.

Thank you Amber for existing, for giving us the movies we always wanted to watch, and for being so pleasing to watch. You are so f***ing adorable, girl.

Thanks to Amber’s Instagram for photos.

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  1. Love Amber Heard. Seen every movie she’s been in, and I think she is an excellent actress, as well as being a beautiful girl. After watching the trial between her and Depp it seems she can be a real b*th. I’m pretty sure he did what she says he did and I hope the jurors find in her favor.

  2. amber you are so beautiful don’t ever forget
    that a d don’t let your guard down

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