51 Hottest Photos of Amber Heard Which Make Your Day

Many were first introduced to Texas-born actress, Amber Heard in Jonathan Levine’s “All The Boys Love Mandy Lane” back in 2006. However, the then-upcoming actress had already been in multiple television shows and films as a supporting character. Her earliest viewers might have caught her in movies like “Friday Night Lights,” “Drop Dead Sexy,” “Alpha Dog,” or “North Country.” So, you can trace and pioneer works in entertainment to 2004. Thus, Heard’s acting journey is almost down to 20 years and she’s still killing It with her versatility and professional role-playing on our screens.

Being a high-profile actress has not been the only thing going on for Amber. The American performer has shown that she is quite passionate about justice and would go the extra mile to ensure that it is served. Her activities as a top Human Rights activist for children and adults, and women’s rights, in particular, are proof of her deep interest. So, when you can’t see an actress doing some great stuff on TV, you can be sure to find her on the other side, performing humanitarian and charity duties to make lives better. You might say this is influenced by her personal experience, as the actress herself has made headlines various times for her call for justice regarding domestic violence, against her estranged spouse, Johnny Depp.

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While she’s up and doing all around, the talented entertainer has not been working without notice and global recognition. The entertainer has been awarded and nominated for awards multiple times, her first being the Young Hollywood Awards as the Breakthrough of the Year in 2008. She has also been nominated for an MTV Movie and TV Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and the Saturn Awards, among others.

Now, it would be a crime to end this piece without serving some spicy moments from Amber’s gallery. If you’ve heard that she’s one of the sexiest women that Hollywood has got, then you should see for yourself in these hand-picked exciting photos.

Here are recent hot photos of Amber Heard which will make your day!


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  1. Love Amber Heard. Seen every movie she’s been in, and I think she is an excellent actress, as well as being a beautiful girl. After watching the trial between her and Depp it seems she can be a real b*th. I’m pretty sure he did what she says he did and I hope the jurors find in her favor.

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