50 Most Famous People of the 21st century

50 Most Famous People of the 21st century
Michael Jackson performing live during Dangerous era in 1992. Image Source: Theguardian

You know that someone got real fame when you don’t have to answer who are they or why are they famous. In this 21st century, many people came and passed away but very few changed the history in their respective careers. Whether in showbiz, sports, business, innovation, or politics, they have been unstoppable and the most common in these people is just one thing, they remained real, they remained who they are and stood firm with their values. And that’s why they didn’t just get fame but also earned respect in the hearts of millions.

We know most of them for sure as they are not only seen on the television screens or on social media but also have a huge contribution to our lives. They just changed the way we live, think, and perceive. People like them are rare to find and we see massive changes in the world because of their influences. Counting Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Rodger Federer, and many more, here are we discussing those famous people of the 21st century along with the core reason behind their fame. Their impressions are ever-lasting and their contributions will be taught to generations.

1. Michael Jackson

None of you is going to wonder why MJ is on the top of this list and of course, no one is going to ask “Michael Jackson, who?” He is undoubtedly one of the finest artists of the 21st century who is well known for his dance moves, unique singing style, and philanthropic work.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

The very intelligent Zuckerberg founded the Facebook application and also owned other giant products i.e. Instagram and WhatsApp as well as the founder of the future expansion of the virtual world — Meta. We all can’t deny that socially, we all can connect because this man exists.

3. Vladimir Putin

Putin, the current president of Russia is well known for his political activities. In the past, he served as an intelligence officer. He has completed 3 terms as a president; initially from 2000 – 2008 and then from 2012 and onwards.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

The most followed athlete on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is almost known by everyone, especially the youth. The Portuguese footballer is one of the expert strikers known for his forwards in the ground and has endorsed many brands.

5. Justin Bieber

Singing since his teenager seems like Justin has grown and evolved in front of us. The Grammy-award-winning singer has sung many memorable songs that are a part of our school/college life and have great nostalgia in them.

6. Kim Kardashian

An entrepreneur, a fashion diva, and a member of the most famous family in the showbiz, Kim Kardashian came to fame when an intimate video tape was leaked that showed some sex moments between her and her then-boyfriend Ray J.

7. Lionel Messi

Whenever we discuss soccer, another name that strikes our mind is Lionel Messi. The Argentine soccer player is recognized for one of the highest numbers of scored goals. He doesn’t have fans in the USA or Europe only but die-hard lovers worldwide.

8. James Cameron

No one can deny that they haven’t heard of the masterpiece movie “Titanic” or “Avatar.” That’s true, these movies are known for an extremely high budget but most importantly for the innovative technologies used in the making. All credit goes to the mastermind, James Cameron.

9. Roger Federer

The tennis champion Roger Federer is another personality without whom we couldn’t love playing tennis, and that’s a fact. The smoothness in his playing style and his extraordinary achievements make him special, most prominently he is the one who won the most Wimbledon titles.

10. The Rock

We all know him with this name, I bet. Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, is a big brand in Hollywood and also in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He appeared in many action movies and wrestled from 1996 to 2004.

11. Elon Musk

Heard the name of PayPal and SpaceX? Elon Musk is the man behind these big names and has gained global attention and appreciation from the business tycoons and multiple ventures. His inspirational thoughts are also viral on social media.

12. Christopher Nolan

So, most of us must be fond of watching movies and masterpieces like “Inception” and “Interstellar” are almost watched by every movie-lover or at least we look forward to watching these movies. Christopher Nolan is the man behind these scientific puzzled movies, as a writer and director too.

13. Michael Jordan

The all-rounder basketballer Michael Jordan is admired for his immensely successful career and is known for his expertise in defending, passing, and scoring. Moreover, after retirement, Jordan is seen doing some philanthropic work too.

14. Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been world’s one of the richest men for decades. The technology corporation of Bill Gates is on the tongue tips of every person and no one can deny that they haven’t experienced using or observing the Microsoft operating system at least once in their lives.

15. Steve Jobs

And the next giant of the industry Apple brought to you all by Steve Jobs is another wonder that no one could have imagined decades ago. Thanks to Steve Jobs for making the smartphone and gadgets experience so smooth and enjoyable for us.

16. Barack Obama

Barack Obama made history when he was elected as the president of the United States of America being the first African-American person to have that position. This itself was enough for him to gain worldwide attention and best wishes.

17. Taylor Swift

The very beautiful and talented Taylor Swift has been followed not just by the people of her own race or country but her influential songs are almost on the playlist of everyone in this generation. Her honesty and relatable songs make her special and popular.

18. Jeff Bezos

We all must have bought something from in our lives at least once, or maybe we have gone through their products and wondered what a mind must be behind this successful platform where sellers and buyers connect. Thanks to the founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos.

19. Eminem

One of the most controversial celebrities, Eminem is not just well known because of the debatable comments he had made in the past but he is one of the finest rappers the industry has gifted us all. His collaborations with other singers are really worth listening to.

20. Narendra Modi

The historical victory of the BJP in India’s Lok Sabha rose Narendra Modi to prominence and making him the 14th prime minister of the country. He is said to have better relations with other countries and above all the liberalization of foreign direct investment policies in India.

21. Stephen Hawking

One of the most successful and followed physicists, Stephen Hawking shook the world with his theories, especially the Steady State Theory. His theory discussing gravity and black holes blew away the minds of people in 1974 and rose him to fame.

22. Shakira

The “Hips don’t lie” star is known for her dance moves and strong voice. Shakira has sung many songs which made the world groove like insane. The Columbian artist has won many awards and is also mentioned by Billboard as the best performing South American artist.

23. Kim Jong-un

The North Korean politician Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Kora, a country that is wrapped in strict rules of communism. The public is restricted for many things that we can’t even imagine and this makes the country and its leader popular and distinctive.

24. Ellen DeGeneres

Humor is an art and Ellen DeGeneres is an artist. Known for her sarcasm and wittiness, Ellen has interviewed many celebrities and made sure the viewers have a great time watching the show. Her bold communication inspires people and she usually says things fearlessly that people are afraid to even think.

25. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is quite famous and the best part is that she doesn’t need a man to be her introduction. The elegant wife of Bill Clinton although lost to Donald Trump but still gained popularity with her confidence and grace being the first US woman to win a nomination in the presidential election.

26. Angelina Jolie

Well, she herself is an inspiration and girl crush to many famous celebrities, including Kendall Jenner who herself is a top-notch model. Jolie is known for roles in “Maleficent,” “Salt” and many other blockbuster movies.

27. Boris Johnson

The famous British politician is unlike many others. Not just a strong personality but in these serious times, he never fails to amaze with his humor and entertaining nature. Also, he is a controversial personality and usually makes headlines.

28. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is one of the famous rappers with a quick rapping style. Usually, the songs she sings have stimulating lyrics and her collaborations with famous singers have added much value to her singing career. However, she herself can make any song appealing with her speedy vocals.

29. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Clay is one of the most significant sports personalities and an inspiration to the world with his famous sayings about life. He was a treat-to-watch as a boxer in the ring and left the audience memorized with his strength and fast speed.

30. Jackie Chan

We can have this man as a synonym for ‘fitness.’ Jackie Chan is not just popular among the English and Chinese public but gained fame worldwide due to his innovative stunts and strong acrobatic moves. Also, he worked in many movies.

31. Queen Elizabeth II

Just like a mother, this queen supported her people in the critical times of World War II and this not just made her a recognizable personality but also an unforgettable one. The Queen is also known for her strong family values and humanitarian activities.

32. Jennifer Aniston

Getting record-breaking followers overnight after joining Instagram is itself an honor and achievement and Jennifer is a truly deserving person for that. Being one of the lead characters of the famous series Friends that ran over 10 years, Aniston is aging fine like wine.

33. Warren Buffett

It’s rare to find golden hearts these days, especially when you make money, usually, the person becomes greedy but Warren Buffet proved it wrong. Being one of the richest and most successful businessmen, he is often involved in many philanthropic activities.

34. Joe Biden

The whole world keeps an eye on when the election in the US happens and the president ultimately gains fame after getting the power. Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States of America and it can be said that he is an extremely influential person of the current times.

35. Selena Gomez

She has worked in Disney TV series and sung many songs. Also, she has launched a beauty products line. Selena Gomez is known for her bold statements regarding women’s empowerment and mental health.

36. Xi Jinping

This famous Chinese politician is almost known by all of us in, even if we don’t know him by his name, surely, we have seen him in news definitely. Xi Jinping is usually seen actively participating in Chinese political activities.

37. Keanu Reeves

Action-movie lovers already know Keanu Reeves as he is seen in many of them including “Speed,” “Point Break” and The Matrix franchise. He is a quite successful and down to earth who has gained enough popularity with his time-to-time hit films.

38. Prince

Widely recognized for his high-pitched screams and wide vocal range, Prince is another big name of the 20th century and 21st century as well since he is still an unforgettable person due to his great achievements and passionate contribution to music.

39. Pope Francis

Such gems are very rare and speak well for everyone regardless of their religion, caste, sex, and other demographics. He leads the Roman Catholic Church and is the epitome of simplicity and humbleness.

40. Oprah Winfrey

This lady has interviewed many famous celebrities and not just that, she herself is a confident graceful lady who has been admired by people around the globe. Her show The Oprah Winfrey Show was enjoyed by the audience for 25 seasons for more than 2 decades.

41. Scarlett Johansson

Her looks and her acting both are always on fire. Scarlett Johansson is an epitome of perfection and is highly referred for her roles in “Black Widow,” The Avengers movie series, and many other masterpieces, also she was seen in Gogglebox, a reality show.

42. John Cena

The WWE star John Cena not only shined in the ring but also sang his own song “You can’t see me” which gained popularity worldwide, especially among kids and youth. He defeated the Big Show and won the US Championship.

43. Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The first Jewish president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a Ukrainian politician and surprisingly a comedic actor in his past. These two careers are quite diversified which shows the flexible yet strong personality of Volodymyr. His several decisions put Ukraine on the global map.

44. Tiger Woods

The well-known professional golfer is one of the names in this group of famous personalities and there is no doubt about it. Tiger Woods, as of now, is the greatest and most successful golfer of all time.

45. Tom Cruise

The always-young Tom Cruise is referred to for playing the lead role in the Mission Impossible movie series. His versatile acting career is enriched with many masterpieces where he has seen performing action stunts on his own.

46. Alex Rodriguez

Post-retirement, he served as a broadcaster for a sports channel. He is recognized as one of the well-known baseball players and an ideal to many baseball lovers. A-Rod is also a philanthropist and owns a business.

47. Guillermo del Toro

This genius has made many fantasy and horror films amalgamated with emotions. Guillermo del Toro, the famous writer, and filmmaker have gifted the industry with many masterpieces including “Hell boy,” “Pacific Rim” and “Cronos.”

48. Robin Williams

This successful and famous celebrity has taught many things to the world. He spoke about how to see life and people in a unique way. His versatility and creative standup style will always be remembered by us.

49. Emmanuel Macron

At the age of 39, not even completing his 40 years of life, Emmanuel Macron was designated as the president of France in 2017. He usually speaks about the rights of the oppressed and takes pride in this.

50. Will Smith

Will Smith is a legendary actor whose eyes speak when he performs. Apart from that, he has been a rapper as the Fresh Prince and produced movies. “The Pursuit of Happiness,” and the Men in Black film series are a few of the best movies of Smith.


  1. Who made this list? It’s a joke. You really think someone in Ethiopa or Haiti or Guatemala know Jennifer Anniston. Hell, I am a well read and travelled college graduate some of these people I barely know. There was a director I had no idea he existed. A kardashian? Really? Your list is missing Bruce Lee, Pele, Maradona, Mandela, Madonna, Whitney, Princess Diana, Lebron James, Elvis, Sinatra. Why is Alex Rodriguez on there, Baseball is played in 3 or 4 countries, why throw in Tom Brady

    • Completely agree with you. Except for Michael Jackson, this list is
      otherwise absurd. I even consider it an insult to Michael Jackson by putting him on a list of people who have nothing in common with him. Respect for Leo Messi too.

  2. I agree Michael Jackson surpassed everyone because it’s impossible to compare an incomparable artist like him to anyone.
    Will Smith is the FRESH Prince NOT French!!!!!

  3. Boris Johnson? “The famous British politician is unlike many others. Not just a strong personality but in these serious times, he never fails to amaze with his humor and entertaining nature. Also, he is a controversial personality and usually makes headlines.”

    He’s also a liar, coward and has made racist and bigoted comments. A huge section of the british public think he’s an absolute moron and had dragged this country down and made it an embarrasment.

  4. Can’t argue with number 1 though, aye. Almost every lil bit of the entire world knows of MJ. A global phenomenon and icon, no matter how much UK and US media tried to defame him and promote lies of proven frauds that made up sick allegations for money

    lol will smith the ‘french prince’. Fresh. Not french. But cheers for the laugh.

    • Michael Jackson is a #1 at everything, but I honestly find it offensive to put him at the top of a list of completely absurd people. Putin, Eminem, Bieber, Oprah, Ellen, Shakira???? Oh my God!!!

  5. Except for Michael Jackson, this list is otherwise absurd. I even consider it an insult to put Michael Jackson at the top of a list of people who have nothing in common with him. Michael Absolute respect for Leo Messi but the level of Michael Jackson is not defined in this list.