18 Unseen Hot Photos of sssniperwolf That Ever Taken

SSSniperwolf is a YouTube sensation in Britain and America. Her sexy videos, as well as the gaming videos, are fabulous and attract millions of followers. Moreover, she is the first gamer who became so much popular within such a short period. The real name of this gorgeous lady is Alia Marie Lia Shelesh. Fans also call her Lia. One of her most famous games is Call of Duty. At present, the number of followers of her YouTube channel is more than ten million. Her hot pics are all over the internet. This shows that besides being intelligent, this highly talented girl is also conscious of her looks.

The Older Times Of The Gamer

SSSniperwolf took birth in the year 1992 on 22nd October in the United Kingdom. She has a mixed background of both Greek and Turkish. At the tender of 6 years, Lia shifted to the United States. Her sister is also a famous YouTuber, and the two discuss a lot of things while launching a video. The sexy postures of the girls are really appreciable. She derived her professional name SSSniperwolf from the renowned character Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid.

The Present Status Of The Beauty Queen

Lia started her channel in 2013, and within a few months, millions of followers joined it. Moreover, there were views of over 8 billion. This was an outstanding success for such a young age. In the initial times, she only focused on the gaming slots. However, from 2017 onwards, Lia decided to add some videos on reactions as well. This year, in the month of July, Lia’s channel broke all records with more than 22.2 million subscribers from all over the world. Thus, her channel got recognition as the most-subscribed channel in English with female content.


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