44 Jaw-Dropping Hot Photos of Pokimane

Iman Anys, or as you better know her by the name Pokimane, is a leading twitch streamer with more than 6 million followers. She is so famous that Twitch partnered with her to help other streamers grow on the platform.

Pokimane, a Moroccan-Canadian game streamer, has quite an exciting journey to the top of the newfound world. Previously a student of Chemical Engineering at McMaster University dropped out of college to pursue her career in streaming.

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Pokimane mainly streamed League of Legends and Fortnite in the beginning. It didn’t take her long to acquire her first 450,000 followers. Due to the surge of her followers in 2017, Shorty Awards presented her as the Best Twitch streamer of the year.

Both League of Legends and Fortnite worked with her in various events. In the Pro-am Battle Royale of 2018, where mainstream celebrities joined together, Pokimane played with Josh Hart.

It’s needless to say that she inspired hundreds of beginner streamers to start their journey. As an influencer, she has been honest with her fans and viewers. When questions arose about her shrinking number of Fornite lives, Pokimane expressed that she wants to evaluate her contents and decide if that’s what she wants.

Other than brand promotions, Pokimane has also shown her interest in social awareness initiatives. In Dec 2020, she joined with AOC and Ilhan Omar, and a few more famous streamers to promote the “get-out-the-vote” campaign to make people go to the voting booth for the United States Presidential Election.

Having achieved so much fame, and even pioneer level recognition in the world platform before turning 25 is great. And while we’re in awe of her glory, let’s not forget how inexplicably hot she is. Those boobs and the toned body is nothing but a gift for the eyes. Take a look at this bunch of sexy pictures of Pokimane. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled.

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