26 Unseen Sexy Photos of Úrsula Corberó on the Internet!

From Spain to the world! If you’re a fan of the blockbuster Money Heist drama series, the Spanish turned global star needs no introduction. However, if you’re one of the small percentage of people who still haven’t watched the Netflix show, then you’ll want to meet Ursula Corbero Delgado, the beautiful young woman who played Tokyo in the three-season crime series, a character that you will come to love.

Raised by her mildly-indigent parents in Sant Pere de Bilamajor of the province of Barcelona, the young Ursula had quite a far-reaching passion for acting, a craft that she had grown to love from the tender age of six. Not minding the barriers, this confession had been fueled with encouragement and hard work by her mother, who dedicated her time, work reward, and strength to helping the girl achieve her dreams. The work did pay off because, by age 13, Ursula Corbero landed her first acting role as Maria in the 2002 television show, Mirell Trencat, then as Sara in Ventdelpla. This was followed by multiple appearances in the Spanish Cinema before her recent American movie lead role in Robert Schwentke-directed drama, “Snake Eyes.”

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It’s elating to see the talented actress amass international acting credits to her portfolio, a feat that we cannot wait to see her replicate in coming years. Even more, seeing her charming self grace the face of big names in the fashion world makes her so much more than an international film and TV star. Her celebrity status transcends the regular, as she has signed ambassadorial deals with brands, including Italy’s Bulgari, Japan’s Shiseido, Falabella, and Tampax, among others.

This Barcelona queen is an all-in-one package of a daring, brilliant, and gorgeous who’s taking her world by the day. Check out these super sexy photos of Ursula that’ll make it quite difficult not to keep loving her.

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Thanks to Úrsula’s Instagram for photos.