Top 20 Sexiest Male Singers of All Times

Whats better than dynamic male singers and songs that we can belt out in the shower? Hot male singers, that is! We are taking a trip down memory lane and exploring the success of some of the worlds most beautiful men who are not only easy to listen to but who oozes sex appeal, having had women following them religiously for decades and young men wishing they could pull off the moves that these legends have accomplished with their natural talents and animal magnetism.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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Michael Jackson, the American pop legend whose death we still cant come to terms with, gifted us with all the memories the world could insist on. The ultra-talented and adored musical masterpiece wowed fans with his perfected voice, sexy dance moves, and magnetism over nearly a 40-year period. With hits like Thriller in 1982, all the way to his final album, Invincible by Epic Records in 2001, Jackson produced the dance moves that only dreams were made of and had the popularity and adulteration that only a few could pull off. A legend who had it all and lived his life the way that he wanted to, Michael is still deemed a sexy dark horse, even after his death.

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2. George Michael

george michael - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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George Michael was the British solo world-renowned singer who the globe first fell in love with — the 1980s while in the band, Wham! He took his striking and chiseled features all the way to China — the only Western band to ever perform there, and this pushing of boundaries did not end there. Michael was known for his controversial stance on sexuality back in the day, and even so, the seductive and sultry singer was a star not many could ignore. He was known for performing with other famous performers alike and belted out beautiful tunes such as the 1984 hit, Do They Know Its Christmas?” This song made it to the UK Christmas Number One spot and added to his portfolio of success. The singer, unfortunately, passed away in 2016 at the age of 56 from Fatty Liver Disease.

3. David Bowie

david bowie - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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The British singer/songwriter, David Bowie passed away six years ago from Cancer and was regarded as one of the most famous artists of the 1970s, performing three number one hits in the 1980s including “Heroes.” Even though he was a rather mysterious individual with questions raised, statements made, and very few straight answers given concerning his love life and sexuality, Bowie managed to keep audiences captivated with his allure and seductive image that meant wild fantasies being lived out throughout his career. Bowie is also known for his arbitrary fashion sense that originated in his years starting out as a star and visiting thrift stores. Whatever it was that made up this eccentric individual, it kept fans coming back for more and kept women and men alike fantasizing about him.

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4. Prince

prince - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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The man who brought us the ardent track, “Purple Rain,” was literally the ‘Prince’ of oomph. I think that every human being on this earth has heard the deep and erotic tunes that have made Prince a musical legend. Besides his unmistakable talent, the virtuoso and gay icon continued to demand attention and respect for his sexual potency, just as any true Gemini does, throughout his music career, and made quite a name for himself. Being placed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 was just one of his accomplishments. The provocative star lead, which ultimately meant his demise from an accidental drug overdose in April 2016, left the world reeling.

5. Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: The Guardian

Cocker, the radio presenter, and musician, a multi-talented, enthralling individual hailing from Britain, isnt considered your conventional sexy star. Upon looking at him, one would think hes a librarian or your average rocket scientist, but theres more than meets the eye; this is at least what his fans think. The frontman singer originally from the band, Pulp, who is known for the song, “Razzmatazz,” turned solo artist, had a schoolboy look in his younger years, but the attitude and confidence of a legend that tends to attract adoring women. In 2022, Cocker is still singing and presenting Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service on BBC Radio 6.

6. Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Billboard

Enrique Iglesias, the Madrid-born 46-year-old Spanish heartthrob best known for his hits, Escape,” and Hero,had tongues wagging from the get-go for his heated songs arousing passion and intensity.  Iglesiass success went from strength to strength with women around the globe wooing over the Latino masterpiece, and he has been quoted as saying that his fame has just been used as possibly the best stimulant ever. That was some 12 years ago; however, the heartthrob turned singer is actually a humble family man who has not stopped producing adrenaline-pumping, desire-reviving music since the early 90s. Still as charming as ever, and still using his animal magnetism to satisfy and tantalize the tastebuds of adoring fans worldwide.

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7. Adam Levine

adam levine - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Variety

This sexy singer is known for serenading the world with his distinctive and unwonted carnality. Embodying the dark features, well-defined face, and on-point hair that tends to bewitch women, the three-time Grammy award winner is an alluring artist better known for being a part of the band, Maroon 5 as a lead singer from around 1994–to date. The band started out as Kara’s Flowers from 1994 – 2001 and transformed into Maroon 5 which ultimately led to most of Levine’s exposure, besides the unforgettable solo songs that he has done and received much recognition for. Including “This Love.” Levine breathes in love and adoration and exhales confidence, and this further adds to our love for him.

8. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Bill Copeland Music News

Presley lives in the hearts of his fans even in 2022, about 6 decades ago this megastar began as an artist. Elvis Presley, born in Mississippi America, was not the most fantasized about in high school. In fact, he had a really hard time connecting with women. However, today, he is known as one of the greatest hunks in the music industry of all time. Presley had casual sexual encounters that were said to even scare his bandmates and friends alike. He was doted on by especially young women, and it was with this age group that he made the most history. A bandmate was quoted as saying, He was fascinated with the idea of real young teenage girls. It scared the hell out of all of us” (Lamar Fike, Elviss close friend). Beyond all the speculation surrounding his love life and promiscuity, the star left an impact on the world due to his pushing boundaries in his music and sexuality and left us with songs like, “Hound Dog,”  that we can remember him by.

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9. Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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Adams, a Canadian-born composer, producer, and singer, having had approximately 100 million records sold, is the epitome of a rock star! The celebrated performer has attended weddings of people hes never met, in countries hes never been to, and it all boils down to the fervent ballads that have made Adams the love guru of all time. Like any true rocker, Adams has appealed to his audiences through lyrics that admirers could relate to with hits like “Summer of 69.” Adams has ultimately put true love back into music time and time again, which has given rise to the outcome of popularity and bedding reverie. One thing is for sure, we can never get enough of any of Adams hits. They continue to blow up the radio and make their way into weddings and Valentine’s Day celebrations alike.

10. Tom Jones

tom jones - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
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Elvis Presley who?! Tom Jones, the ‘sex bomb’ of the 1960s, is a Welsh-born singer who is best known for a hit that keeps on hitting our shopping malls and ear drums during Christmas, and that is, “It’s Not Unusual.” What is also not unusual is the erotic persuasion that Jones brings to women’s parties and to the lovebirds of his era as he provided seductive melodies for over 50 years. He was the winner of a Grammy Award, MTV’s Video Music Award, and his Outstanding Contribution to Music award. ’Sex Bomb,’ is the tune that one still avoids listening to with their grandmother, and delivered, drove women nuts globally! I wouldn’t call Tom Jones the sexiest star for his looks. I will say that his wordplay and his delivery of controversial and sexually explicit songs have won him attention and ultimately deemed him a sex symbol.

11. Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: gaffa

Robbie Williams, in my opinion, is the Tom Jones of the 2000s. With his tantalizing lyrics and seriously sexy dance moves, Williams from England has my vote. Besides all the obvious details about this singer, one revel in the fact that the sexiest thing about him is that although he drips with sexual desirability, he is a one-woman man and has been married to his wife, Ayda Field for many years. The talented dish, with rugged features and dreamy eyes, is said to be worth around a whopping $300 million. This astronomical lump sum is a result of famous songs such as “Let Me Entertain You” and “She’s the One.” I think you remember them, right?!

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12. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Newsweek

Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be……” Take me back to my teen years, please! To a carefree time, driving with the top down with my mates and pumping the hits of Kurt Cobain, my all-time favorite being, “Lithium.” Cobain, a rather unique individual, was a rebel who had the looks to match his attitude, and the voice to back up his right to be who he was, that is, a sex god! The blonde-haired, blue-eyed rebel was often in the press for getting in trouble with the law, or for bringing us the best music of the 90s. The troubled music marvel died in 1994 of suicide and the world never recovered.

13. Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: azcentral

The American singer and songwriter, a little rough around the edges some would say, was the lead singer of the band, Poison which generated a whopping around 45 million record sales worldwide. The bandana sporting superstar has the attention of fans globally with hits such as “Talk Dirty to Me” and the sex tape we all know about with Pamela Anderson. With a history of dating, some would say, skanky women, the beer-drinking star has had no problem in luring women in with his blonde hair and macho-man image, being a lead singer of a famous band since 1983 has got him all the curiosity and desire that he could ask for.

14. Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Reddit

The Doors was the band that some of us loved to hate. Nah, who are we kidding?! Our childhoods would not have been complete without “Riders on the Storm” making their way to every barbecue we had or just chilling at home on a Friday night with the folks as kids. With hits such as Light My Fire” which was their first hit, Jim Morrison soon caught the adoration of admirers and sported long dark swarthy hair and purpose that appealed to the kids of the 1960s, looking for an influencer who shared their same sentiments whether it be about the humanities or any other philosophical important stance of the time. His unhealthy lifestyle led to the star dying at the tender age of 27 from supposed heart failure.

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15. Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Musicfeeds

I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of Michael Bublé, I think of the Canadian soul singer as the bringer of smooth Christmas tunes who delivers them in an ever so-seductive and smooth way. Even Bublé has been known to recognize his effect on his fans and commented that he wants his fans to make sweet love to his music as he finds it alluring. The casanova has sung his way into many a heart and dominates the radio over the festive season, but that’s not his only plus. He is gifted in the looks department, even if his humility wouldn’t have him believe it, but…..We tend to think this, this tall, dark, and handsome fellow is the whole package. Until he’s done another album, I’m just going to blare my favorite track for now, “Feeling Good.”

16. Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: ew

Mendes, the “Never Be Alone” singer, sports sex appeal with his ripped abs, schoolboyish good looks, and ultimately the attention of teens universally. The singer who once posed for a Calvin Klein campaign nude has actually battled with his image over the years. Yes, you read that right. He never thought he was good enough, and those ripped abs are a product of overworking himself to be the image of perfection, and that he is. The heartthrob has the steamy body, and the seductive eyes to pull anyone in, but his stage presence is off the charts, literally. Having many awards under his belt already, including a few American Music Awards, at the tender age of 23, the world is in fact this artist’s Mecca.

17. Zyan Malik

Zyan Malik - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: The Apricity

The British-born hottie’s influence hails from urban-type music. He is better known for “Pillowtalk” and “I don’t wanna live forever” which have persuaded both British and American audiences that Malik is something special. He started off as a band member for the famous, One Direction and then went on to create an unforgettable solo career of his own. The star captured the imaginations of every ear who listened to “Pillowtalk” and if the man was not desired before with his sultry looks and nature, he is definitely desired now. The song is pure sex and Malik just adds to the kinkiness.

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18. Gary Barlow

gary barlow - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: nme

Although not a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt look-alike, Barlow still possesses charm and one could say, sophistication as the “guy next door.” Known for being a judge on the UK X-Factor, between 2011 and 2013, respectively, the British singer sports a few impressive hits to his name, including, “Walk the Line” (2021). Although deemed a sex symbol, Barlow actually battled with the idea and the capricious nature of the industry and how it lacks depth. He seems to be a more down-to-earth, family man who isn’t really concerned with fame.

19. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Plejada

Timberlake was bringing “Sexy Back” long before the song was produced. Sexy to the max, this singer and quintessential performer of R&B and pop, dancing his way into the souls of every heartbroken person looking for answers or those looking to chill and take it all in. The American started out in the band Nsync from 1995-2002 when he decided to break away and create his own solo career. This was the best idea for Justin who has a net worth of around $57 million according to Forbes Magazine in 2014, and who is now worth around $250 million.

20. Harry Styles

harry styles - Sexiest Male Singers of all Time
Photo: Variety

The English lover-boy is another star to come out of the band, One Direction. The 28-year-old pop artist is said to be worth around a crazy $80 million. The singer is probably the most famous ex-One Direction band member who has taken the world by storm with his genuine persona and just how hot and talented he is. Styles portrays this sort of enigma as he is as real in real life as he is on stage, and this is plain to see in his song, “Sign of the Times.” Nothing changed with him and this definitely adds to his appeal. He is a committed young and vibrant artist who women will be in love with for years to come.

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