BTS Vs. BLACKPINK – Who is More Popular?

BTS Vs. BLACKPINK - Who is More Popular
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It is impossible to tell if the masterminds behind the commercialization of Korean pop culture knew that they were spurring some huge Korean wave on the globe when they were getting the Bangtan boys or Blackpink girls together to create their respective bands. However, we know one thing for sure — these guys are so thanking their stars in satisfaction for the success of sparking the rise and prominence of the world’s biggest and leading pop bands in the world. The megastars of the BTS and Blackpink bands have not only succeeded in dominating the global entertainment scenes, but they have also contributed in no small amount to the increasing influence of South Korea and its culture as a global phenomenon.

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With fans in vast numbers spread around, almost every part of the world, these two single-sex groups have no doubt made names as pop’s biggest and most popular bands of the generation. However, the interesting question, as we all know, that often comes up when BTS and Blackpink are mentioned in a sentence is often the topic of who the leading band is. This curiosity among fans and the regular audience is actually inevitable, with the kind of relevance and recognition that these two groups have pulled over the years. Join in to settle the score in this piece as we assess both bands and determine who takes the crown.

Record Sales

With popularity comes huge sales – that’s a natural and so it is very expected that the Blackpink girls and BTS boys can pull off massive commercial success for their records.



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This boy band that BigHit Entertainment launched almost a decade ago in 2013 has continually hit it big! The group’s first million-hit album, Wings was only their second try at a studio album, and the record soared to making millions for the newly created group, and from there came the never-ending flow of massive million sales, which today amount to about 47 million copies of their albums sold out! Over time, the boys have maintained the honor of being the highest-paid Korean K-pop group, and that is no surprise with a net worth of about 100 million dollars! Also, BTS’s record-breaking career is evident in its titles as the first Korean band to land an Nó. 1 on the US Billboard, to bagging yet another first in Korea for making a top 10 on the singles US Billboard Hot 100 charts, among others.

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While we can all see that Blackpink is on par with BTS presently, it’d interest you to know that the girl band was actually launched a full three years after the world got to know the boys. The girls came in hot right from the release of their first album, with hit singles topping the charts on Billboard World Digital Songs Charts as No. 1 and No. 2! The girls of Blackpink did not announce their arrival on other music charts quietly either. Records were broken as Blackpink was repeatedly recognized for being the first Korean girl pop band to enter the Streaming Songs chart, the Official Trending Cheba as well as the highest-charting charting K-pop girl band on Billboard Hot 100 as well as Billboard 200 in the United States. However, in terms of record sales, Blackpink takes the back seat with less than 34 million copies sold.


Being named the most successful female K-pop band is no recognition for small-time artists, and from what the charts show us, these ladies are going hard at it. You can top that up with Blackpink’s six awards with the leading award institution, the Guinness World Records, coupled with nine awards from Goan Chart MAs, eighth Mnet Asian Music Awards, and three People’s Choice Awards among the 87 wins that Blackpink has bagged out of 273 nominations.

With two Grammy nominations in the bag, in expectation of a win soon, the members of the BTS band are proud owners of 12 Billboard Music Awards, 9 American Music Awards, 27 Gaon Chart MAs, 43 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and more than 20 Guinness World Records, among others in their over 400 award wins and 665 nominations. There is no denying the fact that in this section of accolades, BTS leads.

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Social Media Popularity

What’s a popularity contest between Blackpink and BTS without knowing if it’s the Blinks leading or the BTS Army? It’s time to find out which group is indeed the most famous, according to social media statistics and standards. With almost 70 million followers on Instagram, BTS takes the crown as that’s way higher than Blackpink’s almost 50 million fans on Instagram. Twitter doesn’t look good for the girls too as they have less than 10 million followers on the page, compared to the about 40 million followers that BTS has.

YouTube Music

No doubt, the Bangtan boys have got the A.R.M.Y’s backing on social media with millions of fans they’ve got there. However, we can’t find the same energy for subscribing to the band’s videos on YouTube Music! For years, Blackpink and BTS have maintained leading positions on the platform. However, the girls definitely know the magic behind this, as they’ve been in that No. 1 most subscribed YouTube Music Artists for a long time! On YouTube Music, Blackpink leads with almost 76 million subscribers, compared to BTS’s 69 million subscribers. That’s a big be right there.


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Who takes the Crown?

You can agree that seeing these Asian talents take over the world of entertainment on a global scale is not only interesting but astounding! Both bands are clearly at the top of their game, and giving the crown to either of the top most popular bands in the globe presently is no easy task, therefore we’re going to let you be the judge of that!

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