Taylor Swift Vs. Ariana Grande – Who is More Popular?

Taylor Swift Vs. Ariana Grande - Who is More Popular
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This is going to be a quite interesting and nail-biting comparison between Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Both are quite influential, immensely popular, and extensively followed by millions of fans worldwide. The “Shake it Off” singer has been ruling the music industry with her inspirational song lyrics that touch the heart of every woman while the “Positions” star has a voice that is versatile and has a variety of vocal ranges.

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A huge list of achievements including Billboard records, billions of YouTube views, multiple accolades, and numerous other milestones have been attained by these singers. In their own selves, they are exclusive. Popularity is not a simple factor but is itself dependent on various other factors that result in defining the fame of a person. Also, in this case, we will analyze it step by step.

Who has More Net Worth?


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The net worth of Taylor is almost double that of Ariana i.e. approx. $400 million and around $200 million respectively in 2022. Swift generates her income via multiple sources — since she is the writer of many of her own songs, she holds the rights to those songs that she has penned. She owns residential property in almost every state of the USA worth estimated to be $81 million. Earning from her music, sponsored posts, and many other sources, Grande also has lavish mansions one of them worth around $4.9 million.


Surprisingly both Ariana and Taylor have 51 awards as of now. Including MTV Awards, People’s choice, iHeart Radio, and many others, these legendary vocalists have firmed their positions very well in the entertainment world. As far as the Grammy Awards are concerned, Taylor owns 11 and Ariana owns 2 which is a quite prominent and huge difference.

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Social Media Following

On Instagram, Ariana has surpassed Taylor with more than 320 million followers while Taylor is having almost 220 million followers. This count of Taylor is not lesser as a whole and has an impressive number of followers but in front of that of Ariana, it has a long way to go. Also, on YouTube, the scenario is the same but with a quite minor difference with Grande having around 52 million subscribers and Swift having less than 50 million subscribers. On Facebook, Taylor’s account has more likes than Ariana’s.

Record Sales

Having said that 114 million albums of Taylor Swift have been sold worldwide, the “Blank Space” artist has proven that she is unbeatable and crowned with the honor of a best-selling artist. On the other hand, Ariana Grande is in a lower position comparatively but her sales record is not that low i.e. 90 million albums worldwide. In 2020, Grande’s “Positions” went on a journey of phenomenal victory and witnessed record-breaking success and in 2021 Red (Taylor’s version” made streaming records. On Spotify, Swift has a few more million listeners than Ariana with approx. 60 million listeners and around 55 million listeners for Ariana.

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Personal lives

Personally, they both have different approaches apparently since Ariana has tied the knot with Dalton Gomez in 2021, and Taylor Swift is still not married, but allegedly in a relationship with Joe Alwyn. Swift usually writes songs on self-love and with this, not only boys admire her but girls have given her their hearts. Personal choices should never be judged and both are independently making the decisions of their lives being strong women. In fact, both Taylor and Ariana have answered many sexist and controversial questions in a polite yet savage way.



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The analysis above may reflect that both the singers are quite famous and successful but the fact is Taylor Swift is more popular than Ariana and this is because she is more inspirational than Ariana. Also, she started her career way before Grande started hers. In 2004, Taylor stepped into the music industry while Ariana debuted in 2011. As we are done with the comparison, we would like to conclude that both Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are gems in the music industry. Both have contributed very well and both portray themselves very well publicly. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Ariana needs a little more time to be in the position where Taylor is right now.

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