Kim Kardashian Vs. Kylie Jenner – Who is More Popular?

Kim Kardashian Vs. Kylie Jenner - Who is More Popular
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Comparison is quite natural and intentionally or unintentionally we do it in our lives. As time passes, we usually see people overshadowing others, brands getting popularity over the existing giants of the industry. Especially the never-ending competition in the showbiz industry always gets our fingers crossed that who is going to rule it next.

Talking about the legendary family of the Jenners and Kardashians, each family member is independently firming their footsteps in their careers. As far as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are concerned, these two queens are conquering every heart and every eye that sees them for once. But the bitter truth is the top is only one and can’t be two. There is always some difference between fame, social media following, net worth, and many other aspects.

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It’s of no surprise that the two fashion divas have made strong impressions with their trendy fashion sense. Usually seen making headlines with their red carpet looks or launch of any product line, in no time Kim and Kylie get recognized for their business intelligence. While comparing the fame of both, we need to look deeply into each platform.

Who has more Net Worth?

As of 2022, Kim Kardashian’s net worth is around $1.4 billion, and Kylie Jenner’s net worth is estimated to be $1 billion. At the top, we will analyze the net worth of both Kardashian and Jenner. Kim has more than Kylie. However, keeping into consideration the age gap between the two, Kylie is considered the youngest billionaire for the very first time, making it a tie between the two. Kim’s net worth is great which she earns from her swimsuit brand SKIMS, her boutique Dash and her cosmetics company KKW while Kylie is making huge income from Kylie Baby, Kylie Skincare, and Kylie Cosmetics along with her YouTube channel on her own name.

Social Media Following

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Well, this is again a tough one as they both are quite closer in this. Having near to 400 million followers, Kylie Jenner has apparently overtaken the position of Kim Kardashian on Instagram who is having near 350 million followers. The difference is several million and a quite prominent one. On Facebook, they are almost on the same level with a minor difference.

Awards and Nominations

Again, as Kim has been in the industry and in this world before Kylie could be known by people, Kim has received more awards and nominations. Her awards are many including the Glamour award for Entrepreneur, CDA Influencer Award, and People’s choice award for Fashion Icon making a total of 6 awards counting others. Kylie has won only 2 as of now and both were Teen Choice Awards, declaring Kim as the winner with this.

Appearance: Who is hotter!

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Well, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so this one is going to be quite tricky yet controversial. It is a debatable topic on the internet, out of the two sisters, who is hotter or who is most beautiful and we got to see answers supporting either of them, but the fact that Kylie has been the sister of the famous Kardashian sisters and herself is inspired from Kim, we have concluded that Kim has won this game, too. Regardless she is quite elder than Kylie, she is still compared to her younger sister, especially in terms of appearance as both of them an hourglass-shaped figures. This itself is a sign that she is a strong competitor. While Kim has been on the cover of world-class fashion magazines, Kylie has also been prominent due to her looks.

Fashion Influence on Society

It is a fact in fashion, that the younger you are the trendier you are expected to become. Therefore, Kylie seems to have more influence than Kim when it comes to fashion only. This is because Kylie has associated herself with fashion, beauty, and skincare in the form of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Care while Kim has been into many things including a gaming app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Although Kim is also the owner of a cosmetics line and a boutique with her younger sisters, still Kylie cosmetics gained record-breaking popularity in minutes.


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Doing the comparison between these two icons is not a piece of cake. It is really a nail-biting competition between the two but as we mentioned, in the beginning, the winner must always be one, as mentioned states Kim Kardashian is more popular than Kylie Jenner. Also, Kim has broken the internet with many controversies including the leaked sex tape, and also being the ex-wife of Kanye West who himself is a big name, Kardashian has caught much attention worldwide.

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