Kendall Jenner Vs. Gigi Hadid – Who is More Popular?

Kendall Jenner Vs. Gigi Hadid - Who is More Popular
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The entertainment industry has a huge list of celebrity couples and friendships. Though cordiality is quite underrated as compared to love stories, still some friends made it and conquered the hearts of the world with their true companionship. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have given us some true friendship goals and they both have their own identifications, not associated with each other to enter the industry.

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Since Kendall and Gigi have modeling careers and are television/social media personalities, they are usually compared in terms of fame, fan following, net worth, social influence, and many other ways. Also, the ladies are of the same age group, both born in 1995 and both of their families have a showbiz background. They both have been Vogue supermodels and have been seen together in many mega-events including the met gala.

Apparently, all of us may get puzzled about picking the most famous among them but the reality is deep down, one of them must be more hardworking, more business smart or may be luckier than the other. Let’s dive into the depth and explore who is more famous — Jenner or Hadid?

Who has More Net Worth?

As of 2022, Kendall Jenner’s net worth is somewhere around $45 million. The net worth of Kendall Jenner has many contributions including her social media posts for which she is paid by the social media companies themselves and her endorsement deals with multiple brands. Hence, the main percentage is still taken care of by her modeling career and Keeping up with the Kardashians show along with her 2021 launched tequila brand 818. Gigi Hadid is having a net worth of around $29 million, thanks to her lucrative endorsement deals and multiple collaborations including Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, and social media pay-per-post advertisements.

Social Media following


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With a gap of a few months, both Hadid and Jenner joined Instagram in 2011 but seems like Gigi is not that fond of social media hype as the followers of her account are not even half of what Kendall has. Kendall having around 250 million followers has surpassed Gigi who is far behind with more than 75 million followers. On Facebook, the stats are different but the gap is similar with Jenner having around 25 million account likes and Gigi with around 7 million likes.

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Both of them are somewhat on a similar level. Kendall won 3 awards from Teen Choice while Gigi won 2, one from Teen Choice and the other one a Glamour award. There are not many awards in their hands as of now but this is just the beginning and they are quite young.

Appearance: Who is Hotter?

This is something quite subjective as people may hold different opinions on it. Based on the opinions of netizens, many think that Gigi has got soft facial features and a round face which makes her look more feminine as compared to the bold and sharp Kendall. But contrary to that, some people are so sure that definitely Kendall is far prettier, hotter, and factually one of the top-paid models of the current time, making her better than Gigi.

Personal Lives

As a model, Kendal Jenner is quite near to perfection and this is what made her receive some disturbing comments on social media when people accused her of having a perfect but photoshopped body when she posed for her sister’s brand Skims. She admitted she is like each one of us, having anxiety and bad days too. Also, it came to hearing that Kris Jenner indirectly pressurized Kendall to extend her family as she is the only sister with no babies. This news made headlines. Talking about the relationship with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid and him were referred to as giving major couple goals and showing PDA on the internet. Their breakup news shook the netizens from the core.


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As per social media presence and brand value, Kendall is more popular compared to Gigi. Jenner is also invited by other celebrities on their YouTube videos to have fun and spend some time and in no time, those videos start boosting and get millions of views contrary to if those celebs invite some other fellow artists. As an example, you can stream the YouTube channel of Hailey Bieber having fun with her and you can feel the difference.