Doja Cat Vs. Dua Lipa – Who is More Popular?

Doja Cat Vs. Dua Lipa - Who is More Popular
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Doja Cat and Dua Lipa both are doing very well in the industry. Having said that the industry is saturated with many artists, and these ladies have maintained their image and careers in fact progressing day by day. Not only their voice but their glamourous appearances in the music videos, live concerts, and red carpet events are immensely jaw-dropping and make headlines.

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Multiple social media content creators, media, and also the public carries different views for different celebrities and also some are based on facts, observations, and personal experiences too. Talking about the very popular vocalists of current times, Doja Cat and Dua Lipa, we are quite excited to discuss these two with you and looking forward to seeing you agree with us. Both are extremely talented, confident, good-looking, and have got some real talent that makes them shine out in the already sparkling industry with so many existing superstars. There is no problem to have some criticism as well, again, it is how you perceive and experience that person. Checking out what these ladies have got.

Who has more Net Worth?

In 2022, Dua lipa’s net worth is estimated to be $35 million and Doja Cat’s net worth is approx $8 million as per

This is a quite self-explanatory and prominent comparison between the net worth of the two ladies. Letting you know that nowadays, people are not just sticking to just one profession, they explore ways to make money and Dua is doing the same. With her collaborations, performing live in concerts, and modeling, she is making a huge amount of money thereby increasing her net worth to a higher level. Doja is earning with her music sales, concerts, and also partnering with multiple brands.



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As of 2022, Dua holds 31 awards than Doja Cat, who has a total of 18, making her a winner in this one. Apart from Grammys, they both have received MTV Awards, Billboard Awards, and many others. Taking specifically about Grammys, Doja has surpassed Dua and is the recipient of 11 Academy awards while Dua has won 8 only. Still, Dua has won more and leads in this category.

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Social Media Following

Dua Lipa is soon going to cross 100 million followers on Instagram whereas Doja is nowhere near 50 million as of 2022. On YouTube, the difference is not much; Dua is having around 20 million subscribers whereas Doja has a YouTube community of around 10 million followers. On Facebook, the difference again is quite huge with Dua having around 20 million and Doja having around 5 million which is again showing the supremacy of Dua Lipa. On Tik Tok, Dua is far behind than Doja. Doja is leading with around 30 million followers while Dua will soon cross 10 million followers.

Music Sales/Records

Doja’s 2021-released R&B album Planet Her made headlines with its record-breaking success. On their debut, Dua’s Future Nostalgia was sold in 66,000 equivalent units in the US while Doja’s Planet Her was sold in 109,000 equivalent units on Billboard 200. The album also broke Spotify’s biggest opening day by a female rapper. They have released multiple albums and have received mixed responses including compliments and disappointments too since the netizens are becoming better critics with time and giving a tough time to the celebrities.


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Ups and downs were there in their ongoing careers but as of now, Dua is the leading lady with more fan following, a higher net worth, and therefore is more famous not just as a singer but as a model too. Her songs in almost the playlist of every teen and adult also have given her their heart. A different vocal range and unique tone make her way of talking and singing very enjoyable. Another thing that speaks in favor of Dua is her song “New Rules” which has been viewed by more than 2 billion people as of now while any of Doja Cat’s songs haven’t even crossed a billion. Although it was a comparison, this industry is quite unpredictable. Doja is also an achiever and gives tough times to their fellow artists, let’s see what the future holds for her.