Billie Eilish Vs. Olivia Rodrigo – Who is More Popular?

Billie Eilish Vs. Olivia Rodrigo - Who is More Popular
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The music world is gifted with numerous melodious voices and it’s quite hard to identify who is the best or who sings better. Everyone has their own accent, own pitch, and own way of singing but of course, celebrities are often compared with each other. Every decade, in fact, every year a new face appears and the attention of viewers switches from one to another very quickly therefore it is quite hard to maintain fame and public image.

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Lately, the talented singers Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo have been widely listened to and followed by music lovers. Their songs and their photos gained millions of views in no time and their unique singing styles have already sharpened their images. If anyone is being asked to compare them, it will be quite difficult to do that spontaneously, however, if we break down the popularity into multiple factors, it will be easy for us to analyze who is more famous and liked by the public.

Who has more Net Worth?

As per Forbes, Billie Eilish’s net worth is around $53 million, and Olivia Rodrigo’s net worth is somewhere to be $5 million in 2022. While it is quite a prominent difference between the net worth of Eilish and Rodrigo — the age difference is not too much and both started their careers with not that much difference. The reason behind Billie’s huge income is her apple tv released documentary “The World’s a little blurry” and the rest of the proportion was contributed by her record sales. Talking about Olivia, a big percentage of her net worth is because of her music.

YouTube and Instagram Following


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The quickest and easiest way to find out someone’s fame is just some clicks away. Yes, in many cases it is not accurate, for e.g. celebrities like Michael Jackson, and Tom Cruise have surprisingly a few million followers on Instagram but in the real world, they are too famous. Considering the celebrities of this generation, social media following is a big indicator, and therefore, the facts can give us an idea. Billie has crossed 100 million followers on Instagram while Olivia is somewhere around 30 million. Billie has around 50 million subscribers on YouTube while Olivia is somewhere near 10 million. The same can be seen on other social media platforms as well.

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Eilish has a total of 39 career awards and Rodrigo holds 29. These include Grammy’s, People’s Choice, Kid’s Choice, Billboard music awards, and many more. Moreover, considering the Grammy’s only, which is usually referred to as the biggest achievement for any celebrity, Billie has won 7 while Rodrigo has 3 as of now. The musical career of Billie is larger than Olivia so it is quite obvious that she got more chances to prove herself and more awards and achievements are in her lap.

Music Sales

Olivia has lesser released albums as compared to Billie. In 2021, the singers released their albums with the names Happier than ever and Sour by Billie and Olivia respectively. While Eilish was enjoying her album’s fame, Sour was released and overshadowed the ruling album of the year. With 295,000 equivalent units, the album ruled the Billboard 200 chart while 238,000 equivalent units were sold for Happier than ever at the time of debut for both in the US.

On Spotify, the girls have the more or less same count of listeners around 40 – 50 million making it a tie between them. Among the most popular songs of Billie, “bad guy” has crossed 2 billion streams on Spotify while “good 4 u” by Olivia is having around 1.5 billion streams, therefore Billie overtakes Olivia in this.

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Of course, the results are here, quite obvious and prominent. Billie Eilish is the winner being the most famous because of the above-mentioned reasons. Usually, people perceive her as a more mature singer as compared to Olivia whose songs are usually stuck to a similar theme. Contrary to that, some think that Billie as a girl is quite boring as compared to other female celebrities. But the fact is, both the singers share a special bond as friends and are usually seen supporting each other, complimenting each other, and attending each other’s concerts. As compared to the much young-looking rising star Olivia, Billie has established her foot in the music industry.