45 Sexy Photos of Red Velvet’s Yeri on the Internet

Auditioning for SM Entertainment’s training was only one of the many steps that Kim Yerim took in actualizing her aspirations to become a singer while studying for her Arts degree at the Hanlim Multi Art School. After being under the tutelage and joining officially as the last girl, the band gained an increased level of awareness and recognition, as everyone wanted to know what was special with the new addition. Actively involved in the creation and production of records released by the Red Velvet group, Kim has been able to hone her vocal skills, as seen in her contributions to the group’s compositions, as well as her solo projects. More impressive Is Yeri’s interest in acting, and the superb appearances that she’s had on stage and on the screen.

Considering the girl band that Kim Yerim now stars as a member of already kicked off a whole before she was included, it must have been quite something for the young 15-year-old to fit in and own her space amid the mixed reactions that her inclusion aroused among fans of the RV K-pop group back in 2014. However, the “Rookie” is not only a bigger and better professional today, the Seoul-native has become one of the most sought-after K-pop girls for her beauty and alluring persona.

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Away from her entertainment career, Yeri’s income has also been largely contributed to, by the several brand endorsements that she’s been able to bag, as the performer also stars as the face of beauty brands, amounting to her millionaire net worth. Commonly, the delightful Yeri is the maknae of the group, being the youngest of the girls. However, the singer actually, has a leading position in her family, being the eldest of four girls. Would you like to bless your screen with a sweet dose of Kim Yerim’s perfect skin? Then, you should not miss this chance to take a peek at some of Yeri’s sexiest photos online.

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