31 Sexy Photos of TWICE’s Jeongyeon on the Internet

We all recognize Jeongyeon today, as one of the nine members of JYP’s Twice band. However, not everyone is in on the backstory of how the singer. Yeon had aspired, from a very young age to reach great heights in her with her singing ambition. This passion had in fact, led her to her first audition with JYP Entertainment which unfortunately turned out to be failed. Well, the aspiring star made her big comeback in 2010, had her audition again, and finally got her place to train under the label, which has always been her choice.

Jeong’s success at the beginning had been a big one, but her dream to become a well-known singer didn’t start its actualization until 2015, when the ride to fame began for the new artists. In the end, it wasn’t just the first or second audition that did it, but yet another attempt by the young girl to take part in Sixteen. And, who would have thought that the tomboy-like vocalist with the cute short hair could actually switch things up to enhance her feminine features, rocking the fashionable girl status better than before?

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It’s no wonder that the singer has got so much love from big fans of the girl group, considering her very lovable and relatable personality. However, nothing would have prepared anyone for the surprise that came when Yeon’s record label announced the need for a short time hiatus on a health basis for the singer and the aftermath. Probably one of the top highlights of her career, the changes in looks that came with her reappearance left fans even more astounded, being introduced to a more cheeky and stunning Jeong. She did come back with a bang, undeniably and it’s really short of nothing but gorgeous. How about rounding this off with some classics from the K-pop star’s gallery? It’s raining hot pictures of Yoo Jeongyeon and you really do not want to miss out on the excitement.

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Thanks to Instagram of jungyeontwice (Fanpage) and Jeongyeon official for photos.