48 Unseen Sexy BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Photos

A Blackpink girl, talented lead vocalist, and a top ambassador for one of the world’s leading fashion houses, Dior, you can tell that Kim Ji-soo is definitely living that life that many girls dream of. Ironically, maybe it would have been a different story if the singer had gone on to pursue her interests in abstract arts. But as fate would have it, Jisoo’s interest in entertainment was spurred, leading to her audition with YG Entertainment in 2011 and her official group debut five years later in 2016.

While others have gone on to launch out individually, the ‘unnie’ herself has been the member who has held back from taking the bold step to kick off her solo career. This may probably be the reason why the singer puts in all the extra effort in the creation and production of the Blackpink classics. Although, she does make up for the lesser exploits in music by advancing her acting career. After Arthdal Chronicles in 2019, Jisoo got open to more lead roles in K Drama, with an even better performance in Yoo Hyun-mi’s Snowdrop two years after.

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It’s a fact that Jisoo does enjoy the typical baby girl life, but behind the scenes, the endearing singer takes more big sister roles than others, which isn’t exactly surprising because she is the oldest member of the group. While we do love seeing Jisoo shine so well while performing with the girls, it really would be amazing to see what Jisoo’s sound and music would feel like. From experience, the vocalist has got the thing in her, and creating her own voice would be one glorious K-pop experience for fans of Blackpink. While we take the patient route to wait till she brings it on, we can pass time by enjoying Jisoo’s already made pieces. These super sexy photos of the k-pop queen are a great way to get started.

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