52 Sexy Photos of Red Velvet’s Joy on the Internet

Being an excellent, top-rated Korean singer is one thing, then pairing it up with acting? We really can’t tell how these artists switch up the roles, but we’ve got one of them here as the muse for this piece – star singer award-winning actress, Park Soo-young, the K pop idol who explores multi-talents in stage duties and screen roles, creating a super exciting and profitable career for herself under the professional name, Joy. If you’re a big fan of South Korea’s four-girl Red Velvet group, then you would agree that Joy is one artist who specializes in great delivery.

Only three years after her music debut in the girls in 2014, Joy found her space in Hallyuwood with Kim Jin Min’s 2017 TV series, The Liar and His Lover, a show which went a long way in defining the then-new actress’s career and still considered today, as one of her top lead roles. Viewers of the series can attest to the fact that Park ‘Joy’ Soo-young really outdid herself in that production. As expected, more television and film roles followed, but not without a huge progress record for her singing career.

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Alongside acting, the singer participated actively in the band, while cooking up her solo project, which she released to astounding commercial success in 2021. Hello, the album which also marked the vocalist’s first solo endeavor did not just land atop music charts across, it also drew all of its records up the ladder of fame. Regarded as one of the solo debuts in Korean pop history, the record earned its singer numerous recognition from local and international music and award institutions. While it might seem surprising and quite impressive, considering that a first-time project would bring in that much success, the results were only a continuation of Joy’s excellent deliveries, right from the days of her OST contributions.

A natural at her skills, the Red Velvet singer seems to always get it right, because even outside entertainment, Joy serves these alluring girl vibes perfectly. Do take a stroll down to check out these exquisite looks from Miss hotty herself.

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Thanks to Joy Instagram for photos.