33 Sexy Photos of Red Velvet’s Irene on the Internet

One of the reasons why K-pop is so much loved and appealing to fans, even beyond the borders of Korea is how invested the industry is in brushing up talented young people and setting them up for success. Bae Joo-Hyun better known as Irene of the Red Velvet music group is one of the many girls that have been able to grow and groom their little skills into super talents. She might have started as a K-pop icon, but the girl’s exploration of other abilities has molded her into becoming a versatile performer, with influences outside the entertainment industry.

About two years after Irene had debuted her music career with the group in mid-2014, and launching out with their records, the singer, who already had eyes for K-drama landed her in Women At A Game Company. In no time, Irene doubled her experience on her portfolio, answering to singer, actress while enhancing her beauty queen status. Being one of the richest of the group, with a net worth of about $4 million is no small feat, and it’s all a result of her dynamic nature, multiple streams of income through her skillset, and of course, her marketable beauty and her bit of K pop fame channeled into the right sources.

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She’s definitely one of the most enterprising female pop stars, who know their ways around the fashion world, a cheat code which definitely places them above others as the best for representing businesses, creating awareness for brands, and pulling the crowd in for increased sales. Irene’s marketing game is definitely on the high side because she has managed to secure all kinds of endorsement deals from brands in different niches including beauty, food, clothing, and more. Her contract with Damiani in 2019 earned her a record as the first Asian to take the brand ambassadorship role for the Italian Company. Wondering what’s driving the crowd so wild and making Irene tons of money? Lower your gaze and take that swipe up to see some of the sexiest pieces that’ll make your day.

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Thanks to Irene Instagram for photos.