36 Sexy Photos of TWICE’s Momo on the Internet

It’s been years since singer Momo Hirai stepped on the road to fame, and the results she’s got today, are pieces of evidence of the growth she has experienced, alongside the work that she put in to get to the top, in an industry as competitive as South Korea’s K pop. While Momo answers the singer title, and rightfully, it’s quite evident that her dancing skills take an A+ mark among others. In fact, it’s no surprise that she ranks as the best in her group — Twice, and one of the leading dancers in the country.

It must have been a rollercoaster ride for Momo Hirai after being spotted by the record label and acing the audition only to get dropped off when she was only a few steps away from launching into her music career, and finally, getting called back in to grab the chance at actualizing her dreams. Momo kicked off her singing career officially with the EP, The Story Begins, which was her band’s debut release. However, Momo Hirai’s story did not begin there, as it goes as far back as her childhood, and early efforts at gaining recognition in the 3rd season of Mnet’s Superstar K back in 2011. An interest in music as a career did not just come by for the singer, rather, a passion fueled by her sibling’s similar interests. You can tell that the talent runs in the family.

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When Hirai isn’t on stage showing off her skills to the excitement of the audience, you can definitely catch her on the media where she doesn’t seize to show off her drop-dead gorgeous self. It’s no doubt that the Japanese native has done incredibly well in stealing the hearts of her followers in her land of stardom and that’s super Impressive. If you wouldn’t mind taking a peek at something below, then you would be in for a treat of seeing different pieces of Momo’s hottest photos. We’ve seen it, and we can tell you that it’s worth the time.

Momo Sexy photos on the internet

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Thanks to Instagram of momojype (fanpage) and momo official for photos.