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Top 15 Popular New Pop Singers in 2022

Top 15 Popular New Pop Singers
Image: Twitter
Top 15 Popular New Pop Singers
Image: Twitter

With the COVID-19 pandemic, almost the whole world turned upside down. Everything changed and we got to know many things that we didn’t know earlier. Some got a chance to improve their lifestyles, some explored other ways of earning while sitting at home. While all of this happened, few young teenagers were busy gathering ideas of how to kick off their career as a singer or some even randomly posted their songs on YouTube, Sound Cloud, or other platforms. In no time, they were known to people from the whole world.

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This year in 2022, their career has somehow visible in a much-refined shape and they are widely recognized. Based on their lately energetic performances and albums/singles, we have gathered 15 people who are the rising yet popular pop singers of 2022. Brace yourself and know what they have been through and where they stand now.

1. Olivia Rodrigo

The leading singer here is Olivia Rodrigo, ruling with her fame within a short period. Ever since one of her initial songs “All I Want” for a Disney+ series, was released in 2020, it won’t be an injustice to say she is now the heartbeat of the music world. The 2003-born singer has Filipino-German ancestry with a family background completely away from the entertainment world but little Olivia, since Kindergarten time, showed her passion for music. On the first shot, her debut song “Drivers License” became an uncontrollable hit of the year 2021. Apart from this mega accomplishment, her recent album Sour appeared on the top of the Billboard 200 dethroning Lady Gaga’s The Fame.

With back to back two album hits, Olivia Rodrigo is not only a new pop star in 2022, but she could break most ever-lasting music records in future.

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2. Tate McRae

With a casual song “One Day” that she uploaded in 2017 on YouTube, she is no longer a little secret now and finally got well-deserved recognition. The 2003-born Canadian artist was honored to be among the youngest 30 under 30 lists by Forbes in 2021. Not only does a magical voice she possesses, but her dancing skills are on another level. This year she released her first album I used to think I could fly and on the first shot, her fantastic debut appeared on Billboard 200. Over the years she has been releasing numerous singles including “You Broke Me First,” “You” and “She’s all I wanna be” among others.

3. Chloe Bailey

Being highly influenced by Beyonce, this young girl is all ready to set the world on the storm with her fiery musical masterpieces including the 2022-released singles “Treat Me” and “Surprise” appearing on 81st position on Billboard Hot 100 and 20th position in US Hot R&B Songs respectively with millions of views on YouTube. The 1998-born Chloe had her father as the first teacher to learn songwriting. Being a multi-talented person, she is an actress and record producer as well. The Gen Z songstress charm is undeniable in her early twenties and is immensely admirable and she is gathering love from her fans all over the world for her confident singing.

4. Girl in red

Originally known as Marie Ringheim, the Norwegian 1999-born singer inherited her passion for music from her Grandfather. Her Sound cloud song “I wanna be your Girlfriend” was streamed thousands of times after months of being uploaded. Considering the new pop star never visualized herself as a singer, in the beginning, she later uploaded more tracks including “Girls” and “Summer Depression” and those too received a great streaming count. In 2022, her tour was scheduled for the UK and Europe only under the title Make It Go Quiet. The song “Body and Mind” is said to be one of a kind and fans fell for her voice in it.

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Talent is floating with blood in their veins, be it FINNEAS or be it Billie Eilish. A solid Grammy-winner who has won awards for his “Himself,” “Everything I wanted,” and “No time to die” just to name a few. This year belongs to the 1997-born Finneas who won numerous other awards and nominations as well. No wonder, he is going to have a successful career ahead of him. He also composed for movies including “Vengeance” and “Turning Red” this year. Being an actor, he starred in Modern Family a TV series. Beginning his interest at the age of 12, he released songs “Mona Lisa Mona Lisa” and “Naked” this year. On Billboard, this young powerhouse is one of the emerging artists in 2021.

6. Conan Gray

The 1998-born singer has Irish-Japanese ancestry and reflects his childhood experiences in his work. Although Conan debuted on YouTube in 2013, by then he uses to make vlogs but in 2017 after he released “Idle Town,” people got to see another side of his potential. After gaining millions of streaming on Spotify and views on YouTube, Gray was certain about his future in the industry, and from time to time his singles caught people’s attention and appreciation. After his first album Krow in 2020, Gray released his next one this year under the name of Superache which landed on the Billboard 200 chart on 9th position.

7. Arlo Parks

The rising sensation, singer cum poet, Arlo Parks released her single “Softly” this year and people went crazy over the classic melody it has. Born in 2000, Arlo was brought up in the UK and has a multiracial background. The BBC Music Introducing became the platform with which she got a chance to make her talent recognized and she made it when few radio presenters were impressed by her uploaded demos. Parks has been nominated for Grammys but has won AIM Independent Music Awards, Mercury Prize, and many other accolades. In 2021, her debut album Collapsed in Sunbeams was nominated for Grammys too.

8. Holly Humberstone

Born in 1999, Holly Humberstone seems to be quite unstoppable and she proved it after she was rewarded with the Brit Award for Rising Star in 2022. Humberstone revealed in an interview that she grew up in an environment with no essence of music and these struggles enhanced the spark within her. After her official debut with “Deep end,” a single she made in 2020, back to back her tracks were premiered including “Overkill,” “Vanilla” and others. This year, her heart-wrenching song “London is Lonely” made all of us go back to our depressing days as it contains lots of emotional lyrics.

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9. Mehro

The Indie singer Mehro, originally called Sam Sturges, is one of the emerging talents as his YouTube uploaded content got popular back in 2020 when the whole world was majorly exploring the internet at their homes due to the pandemic. The 1999-born young lad, apart from uploading his singles, also posts shorts on his YouTube channel randomly. In 2022, we got a chance to listen to his music tracks “pirate song,” “parasite” and “like you’re god” which left us awestruck and one of them was listed among the top 10 cool new pop songs as per Billboard. Not forgetting to mention, Mehro is only a YouTube singer as of now, and with this little, he has achieved so much.

10. Joshua Bassett

Remember the guy for many girls lost their hearts after watching him in the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series? He is none other than Joshua Bassett. So after winning hearts as an actor, the 2000-born sensational artist is all set to strengthen his career as a pop star. His announcement for the world tour starting from September 2022h has gotten everyone’s fingers crossed and generated a wind of excitement in the music industry. His recently released song “Doppelgänger” starring Ciara Wilson which is no less than a heartbroken anthem. The zoomer has received awards including Kid’s Choice Award in 2022 and was mentioned among Billboard’s 21 under 21 in 2021.

11. Mimi Webb

With her first extended play that she released in 2021 titled Seven Shades of Heartbreak, the 2000-born pop star Mimi Webb’s real name is Amelia Webb. At the beginning of her teenage time, she showed her interest in playing musical instruments and in 2021 she released her debut single “Before I go” and fans can’t enough of it even after years. Mimi’s 2022 music work is commendable and one of them was declared as one of the coolest new pop songs in February this year the name of which was “House on Fire.” Another single “Goodbye” came in May and people reflected some disappointment on how underrated she is. No worries, she is quite young and has a bright career waiting for her.

12. Dodie

The millennial generation singer Dodie, originally called Dorothy Clark, was born in 1995 in London. Her YouTube channels have a history of their own, names changed, the type of content improved, and with time Dodie released three extended plays in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Having concluded that she started uploading her music work on YouTube in 2011 and since then she is gaining more and more followers and subscribers. Dodie released her first studio album Build a Problem, the release dates of which got postponed several times due to the corona pandemic and was finally released in 2021. Nevertheless, Dodie didn’t leave hope and this led her to sing more passionately. The 2021-released Build A problem can be seen shining on Billboard Hot 100 and topped the UK Albums Chart on 3rd position.

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13. Bella Poarch

You all must have watched this TikTok sensation at least once, can’t be ignored obviously. The very cute-looking Bella Poarch was born in 1997 and is known for her lip-syncing videos. Being one of the richest TikTokers, Bella not only is a content creator but a great singer as well. Her music video “Dolls” released in July, was made to slam the trolls and bullies on the internet. Her “Build a Bitch” is a massive hit with more than 410 million YouTube views as of August 2022. The song appeared on Billboard Hot 100 and ranked among other Global charts. The evolving pop star is a recipient of the Streamy Award and iHeartRadio Music Award.

14. Oliver Tree

Another startling artist is here with his tremendous musical contribution. The 1993-born took interest in music from songwriting to hip hop & electronic music along with hoping to become a DJ someday. After his song “When I’m down” gained worldwide attention, he again surprised people with another masterpiece including “Life goes on” which hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2021. In February 2022, his second album Cowboy Tears was released with 13 tracks and a tour was announced associated with the album the same year. As of 2022, he has sung 4 singles as lead artist, a recent song “Miss you” is a collaboration with Robin Schulz.

15. Glaive

Ash Gutierrez, known as Glaive, was born in 2005 and is the youngest of all the contemporary pop soloists we have discussed so far. Starting the execution of his musical passion with Sound Cloud, Glaive also collaborated with other singers on the same platform in the days when he was attending his school lectures online due to the pandemic. The hyper pop singer has created 4 Eps as of now that he released 1 in 2020, 2 in 2021, and 1 in 2022. At such a young age, he was given credit to revolutionize the hyper pop genre as per Billboard in 2021 when Glaive was only a 15-year-old. His musical tour is set to end up on October 30th 2,022 with the last concert in Seattle.

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By Georgios Antonopoulos

He is a worldwide author who likes beautiful women and knows how to describe them to others. Apart from that, he likes to travel and enjoys family time!