Top 30 Best-Selling Music Artists Of All Time In United States

Top 30 Best-Selling Music Artists Of All Time In United States
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Per RIAA certified sold units in US matrics, we have got top 30 best selling musicians of all -time.

While The Beatles, a British band group holds the number one crown being the best-selling album artists with 183 million units sold in the US, they also have had the most valuable music catalog of $500 million according to Forbes, Garth Brooks is the best-selling solo singer in the US.

Legends like Elvis and Michael could not make it to the top despite the fact they were rooted in America, and their popularity is worldwide.

Although Jackson has the best-selling album of all time with 52.2 million worldwide sales, the Eagles has the same records in the united states with 38 million domestic units sold.

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It’s no surprise this list is dominated by some of the hard rock bands, but we’ve also got several super talented women singers — Mariah Carey who is the best-selling female artist, keeping behind Barbra Streisand and Madonna.

The list also contains Eminem, who is still the number one best-selling rapper of all time, also in the United States, before Tupac.

These best-selling music artists are ranked in order on the high number of album units sold.

1. The Beatles (183 million)

2. Garth Brooks (157 million)

 3. Elvis Presley (146.5 million)

4. Eagles (120 million)

5. Led Zeppelin (112.5 million)

6. Michael Jackson (89 million)

7. Billy Joel (85 million)

8. Elton John (79 million)

9. AC/DC (75 million)

10. Pink Floyd (75 million)

11. Bruce Springsteen (71 million)

12. Aerosmith (69.5 million)

13. Mariah Carey (69.5 million)

14. George Strait (69 million)

15. Barbra Streisand (68.5 million)

16. The Rolling Stones (66.5 million)

17. Madonna (64.5 million)

18. Metallica (63 million)

19. Eminem (61.5 million)

20. Whitney Houston (60 million)

21. Van Halen (56.5 million)

22. Fleetwood Mac (54.5 million)

23. U2 (52 million)

24. Celine Dion (51 million)

25. Neil Diamond (49.5 million)

26. Alabama (49 million)

27. Journey (49 million)

28. Kenny G (48 million)

29. Shania Twain (48 million)

30. Kenny Rogers (47.5 million)