Top 20 Most Popular Singers in the World 2022

Top 20 Most Popular Singers in the World
Image: Doja Cat Instagram

Every day is unpredictable. We never know what the future brings for us and the same uncertainty happens in the music world as well. In, every new year, the world crosses its fingers as to who is going to rule the industry.

This year, many vocalists have proven their supremacy with their hit songs that topped the charts and have been trying to show their potential by engaging their fans with their latest albums, and music concerts worldwide.

Counting from Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, and Charlie Puth, the following 20 singers are the most popular in the year 2022 with their recent albums, high Spotify streaming, and immense fan following. Their legacies are going to be everlasting and it is always an excitement waiting for their upcoming soundtracks.

1. Doja Cat

On the top, the 1995-born rapper Doja Cat is ruling the year with her unavoidable album Planet Her which has left us speechless. The fans are going crazy over the song “Vegas,” which received over 43 million views on Youtube in just two months, released in May 2022 from the biopic of Elvis Presley. For her tremendous contribution to music, she won a Grammy Award along with American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards as of 2022. She has a large fan community on YouTube and Instagram with around 11 million subscribers and approximately 24 million followers respectively. Her “Say So” remained on Billboard Hot 100 chart for 38 weeks which is a phenomenal achievement. On Spotify, her monthly listeners are around 58 million.

If you see Doja Cat’s past two years of Billboard records, You’d be agreed that she is the most popular singer in 2022.

2. The Weeknd

Talking about the “The Hills” singer, The Weeknd’s explicit songs are like drugs to many of us. The 1990-born singer released his fifth album titled Dawn FM in 2022 which topped the charts globally. Being the winner of Grammy Awards, Juno Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards, the young lad has revolutionized the R&B genre with his music. His Billboard facts will surprise you as many of his songs including “Save your Tears” and “Blinding Lights” stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for numerous weeks. His YouTube channel has been subscribed to by almost 29 million people while on Instagram he has over 41.5 million followers. Moreover, early this year, he was the most streamed artist having more than 85.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify, which too broke Justin Bieber’s record that was around 81.6.

3. Charlie Puth

The 1991-born “Attention” vocalist has been striving to stay among the popular celebrities and is quite successful in it. His most awaited album CHARLIE already made headlines which is coming after 4-year, since Voicenotes, in October 2022 — while few singles of the album have already been released at the beginning of the year, counting “Light Switch,” and mid-year “Left And Right” (feat. Jung Kook of BTS). Almost 16.6 million followers on his Instagram account and about 20.8 million subscribers on his YouTube and more than 44 million Spotify listeners,

4. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran like the previous years is still one of the most successful and active singers with several awards he received including American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and BMI London Awards, just to name a few. The Singer, 31, is one of the best-selling music artists and is being followed by almost 40 million fans on Insta along with over 52 million subscribers on YouTube. Ed Sheeran’s addictive tracks made him the first ever and most followed artist with 100 million on Spotify and around 81 million monthly listeners. His masterpieces “Perfect” and “Shape of You” trended on Billboard Hot 100 for 57 and 59 weeks respectively on 1st position. Moreover, his music tour +–=÷x resulted in a revenue of an estimated $60 million in just 12 shows.

5. Harry Styles

His energetic and stylish appearance takes the breath away of the audience. Whether we see Harry Styles acting or singing, his praiseworthiness is beyond words and that is why he has received numerous accolades including a Grammy Award, American Music Award, Brit Awards, and an Ivor Novello Award. The 1994-born artist’s record-breaking studio album Harry’s House was launched in 2022. His songs “Water Melon Sugar” and “As It Was” are the number one hits on Billboard Hot 100. His attractiveness has appealed to nearly 47 million followers on Instagram, around 13.4 million subscribers on YouTube, and nearly 71 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

6. Post Malone

The 1995-born American rapper is recognized for his contribution to mixing up the musical genres including pop, trap, hip hop & R&B. With around 22.5 million Instagram followers and over 24.2 million subscribers on YouTube, Post Malone is a proud recipient of an MTV Video Music Award, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards. 4 of his songs including “Circle” and “Psycho” have been number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 while 11 were among top 10 hits. His upcoming world tour, titled Twelve Carat Toothache with the same name as his recently released album, will start in September 2022 and will last till November. He currently has nearly 54.5 million Spotify listeners.

7. Lizzo

The sensational singer Lizzo has won Apple Music Award, BET Award, Billboard Music Award, BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards, and a Grammy Award as well, just to name a few. The 1988-born is an undisputed queen of 2022 with her new album “Special” as special as its name, as, after 14 weeks of staying on the Billboard Hot 100 the album topped the chart afterward. Other chart-topping songs are “Truth Hurts” and “About Damn Time”. Her Instagram following consists of near to 12.8 million followers while on YouTube her channel has nearly 2.8 million subscribers and over 33.6 million Spotify monthly listeners.

8. Beyoncé

The “Halo” star Beyoncé has come a long way and has still maintained her reputation and popularity this year too with her album Renaissance, discussed and modified by the netizens. One of the best-selling artists, 40, is said to have an influential impact along with being admired as a vocalist. With approximately 25 million subscribers on YouTube and a massive following of an estimated 272 million followers on Instagram, Beyoncé has been rewarded with several accolades including Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and BET Awards. Having around 49 monthly listeners on Spotify, her 7 songs have topped the Billboard Hot 100 while 20 songs have been among the top 10 hits.

9. Billie Eilish

The “Lovely” singer Billie Eilish’s name is on the tip of our tongues nowadays. By 2022, she even hasn’t completed her 10 years in the industry but is mentioned among the legendary singers of current times. Her song “Bad Guy” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a week and stayed overall for 49 weeks. The 2001-born singer released her album Happier than Ever in 2021 and started touring in 2022 under the name Happier than Ever, The World Tour. Having about 105 followers on Instagram, almost 46.3 million subscribers on YouTube, and about 52.6 million listeners on Spotify, Billie is a receiver of an Academy Award, numerous Grammy Awards, and 2 Guinness World Records, just to name a few.

10. Shakira

We have been seeing Shakira invading the world of music not with her tremendous work. “Hips Don’t Lie,” one of the best-selling singles, stayed at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and has billions of views on YouTube alongside “Waka Waka” and “La La La”, other popular ones. She has got nearly 52 million listeners on Spotify, almost 76 million followers on Instagram, and around 37.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Her remarkable career is enriched with numerous awards including Latin Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Guinness World Records, and Grammy Awards. The completion of the 1977-born singer’s new album, untitled, was announced in May 2022 whereas her last album El Dorado was released in 2017.

11. Bad Bunny

Surpassing some of the famous rappers and singers have been smoothly done by Bad Bunny this year. His album Un Verano Sin Ti was number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for 5 weeks. He is a Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards winner along with other accolades too. He is one of the top Spanish music artists who has over 42.2 million fans following on Instagram. “Me Porto Bonito” has got close to 200 million views in a month which itself is an accomplishment. The 1994-born singer has almost 42.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and around 63 million people on Spotify listen to his music.

12. Justin Bieber

From a teenage boy to a man, we all have seen Justin Bieber, 28, evolving throughout the years. This year, the news of his Justice World Tour went viral and fans rushed to buy the tickets in advance. The 1994-born Canadian artists “Let Me Love You,” “Sorry,” and five other songs stayed on the top of Billboard Hot 100 while 26 songs were top 10 hits. The pop singer, Justin, is one of the most followed music artists on Instagram and YouTube has around 254 million followers and around 70 million subscribers, with nearly 72 million Spotify listeners. A huge list of his awards includes Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, and many others.

13. The Kid Laroi

Seeing the name of this 2003-born singer on the famous pop singers list who hasn’t just completed his 20 years of life yet is itself a huge achievement. The Kid Laroi is a proud recipient of Billboard Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and ARIA Music Awards. His career started in 2018 and within a short period, he has gained around 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube, about 4 million followers on Instagram, and around 39.6 million listeners on Spotify. The young lad is known for singing “STAY” featuring JB and the song was a success overall by staying at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

14. Jack Harlow

The 1998-born rapper and singer has around 6.8 million Instagram followers and over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. The single of his 2022-released album “Come Home The Kids Miss You” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart titled “First Class.” Jack has won a Billboard Music Award and a Shots Award. Having around 41 million monthly Spotify listeners, the “WHATS POPPIN” singer is also involved as an activist against racial discrimination. His 2022 tour with the same name in his album this year is going to start in September and will last till October.

15. Camila Cabello

The 1997-born “Senorita” singer is a proud recipient of the American Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and Billboard Music Award. Rising to prominence as a member of “Fifth Harmony,” Camila’s 2 songs are number 1 hits on Billboard Hot 100 and 4 are among the top 10 hits. Nearly 65 million followers on Instagram, about 16 million subscribers on YouTube, and around 45.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify love to listen to her hypnotic music. In 2022, she released the album Familia, the 2 songs of which trended on Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Global 200.

16. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa’s 2022 tour titled Future Nostalgia Tour received critical acclaim spanning from February to November. The 1995-born vocalist this year collaborated with Meghan Thee Stallion for “Sweetest Pie” which officially premiered in March. With nearly 85.8 million Instagram followers, about 21 million YouTube subscribers, and around 70 million Spotify listeners, Dua holds American Music Award, Billboard Music Award, and Grammy Award, and a Guinness world record as well, just to name a few. Undoubtedly, Dua is one of the sensational pop stars of current times.

17. PSY

Remember the guy who sang “Gangnam Style”? His era is not over yet. In 2022, one of the BTS Members, Suga was featured in “That That,” a single from his latest album Psy 9th. The 1977-born artist shared his name Psy has been derived from the word “Psycho” as he is well aware of his craze and passion for music. Hall of Game Award, MTV Europe Music Award, and Korean Music Awards are a few of the many accolades PSY has won. Having 6.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, and about 17.4 million subscribers on YouTube, PSY is unstoppable.

18. Burna Boy

The 1991-born Nigerian vocalist has been crazily loved by the fans this year. With around 2.9 million YouTube subscribers, nearly 11 million Instagram followers, and about 18 million Spotify listeners, the “On the Low” singer released his album Love, Damini this year. The Grammy-winning artist has been rewarded with numerous other accolades for his phenomenal work. As its single “Last Last” remained on the chart for 3 weeks and he gave a remarkable performance on the same song at Billboard 2022 Music Awards. His collaboration with Ed Sheeran for “For my Hand” received immense love from the people. The song was premiered on YouTube on 8th July and has more than 24 million views so far.

19. Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes, 24, has been among the center of attention with his Wonder: The World Tour for 2022 to be held across Europe, and the United States. With approximately 70 million Instagram followers, 29.5 million YouTube subscribers, and around 42.6 million Spotify listeners, the “Stitches” singer have brought charm to the music world with his charming appearance and engaging songs. The influential young singer is a true recipient of SOCAN Awards, Juno Awards, American Music Awards, and more. His song “Senorita” stayed at number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for a week.

20. Ava Max

The platinum-selling artist Ava Max is the culminating popstar of this team with her second upcoming album Diamonds and Dancefloors set to be launched this year in October. Before this, her first album was released in 2020. With almost 2.8 million Instagram followers, nearly 5.8 million YouTube subscribers, and around 30 million listeners on Spotify, Ava has won numerous awards including TopHit Music Award, iHeartRadio Music Award, and many others. On the 4th of July, her thrilling performance at Wawa Welcome America Festival was to die for.

Note: This article is published in August 2022 and the figures for social media and Spotify may vary from time to time.