26 Sexy Photos of Jeffree Star Which Are Truly Glamorous

Jeffree Star, 36, is your typical ‘so much in one kind of person. In one lifetime, the controversial personality has nicely explored different spaces and kept them all leveled up. You probably know him as a modern-day beauty influencer and a seasoned makeup artist. However, that’s not all there is to the LA-native long-time media personality. Star has actually always been in the media, throwing back to his early years in Hollywood as a quite successful singer and songwriter. The ambitious young man did not only get famous for his music, but he built influence for his music career using the popular MySpace service back in the 2010s.

With an established media presence, it wasn’t too difficult for the multitalented artist to get his vocal talents appreciated, leading to his huge followership and the incredible success of the Nicki-Minaj featured Billboard top 10 albums, Beauty Killer. Surprisingly though, the iconic era that his music career would have turned out to be didn’t quite work out, and the world watched on as talented musicians transitioned into the world of beauty and fashion. Presently, the male beauty queen boasts of his ownership of the thriving Jeffree Star Cosmetics beauty brand, and his long-standing and vast fanbase on YouTube, with over 15 million subscribers while maintaining his glamorous lifestyle with his business returns.

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While Jeffree isn’t exactly one who you’d conveniently refer to as gorgeous, it’s still a fact that his dramatic looks aren’t short of fascinating. Besides, if his social profiles on Instagram, and YouTube keep bulging with millions of fans who’re clearly in admiration of his art, then his sensational dramas do pay off. Further affirming his top status as an IG king is his multiple brands influencing deals for social media. If you’ve not had a chance to get a glimpse of Jeffree Star in his glammed-up looks, then these incredible sexy photos of him would definitely pique your interest.

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Images source: Jeffree Star Instagram