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Top 25 Best Female Singers of All Time (Live Performances)

Top Best Female Singers of All Time (Live Performances)
Image: Mariah Carey' Cover Art | Sony Music, Source: Entertainment-Focus

Today, we all know 100s of singers who are singing on Sound Cloud, some are making covers to the existing songs and some have their own YouTube channel as well. Every voice has its own charm and identity but only a few of those are stuck in our minds and we can’t resist listening to them again and again.

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Based on their strong vocals and powerful personality, we have ranked the top 25 greatest female singers of all time that we all admire for their musical contribution. The lessons that their songs bring, and the vibe those tracks generate is something that is indescribable.

1. Mariah Carey

Although “Fantasy” singer Mariah Carey carries the pop genre in her songs, in her debut album Mariah Carey, her outstanding vocal range explored other styles including R&B and Gospel as well. As of 2020, her approximately 220 million records have been sold around the globe.

By holding Guinness World Records, and numerous others, Mariah Carey, this best-selling music artist of all time, is certainly the best female singer of all time. Period.

2. Aretha Franklin

Around 75 million records have been sold by the ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin worldwide. The “Respect” singer usually used to sing R&B/Soul genre songs. In 1987, she was among the inductees of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

3. Whitney Houston

Having a soulful voice, Whitney Houston was called ‘The Voice’ with love as a nickname. She had around 200 million music sales across the world. The “I have nothing” vocalist most of the time released songs with Electronic dance music and R&B/Soul.

4. Tina Turner

The ‘Queen of Rock and Roll’ Tina Turner has impressive sales of 100+ million records altogether. Known for her famous R&B/Soul songs, she has sung a number of really good songs including “The Best” and “Proud Mary.”

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5. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s songs used to have a combination of multiple genres counting from rhythm and blues to soul and jazz. The “Love is a losing game” singer 2011 at the time she passed away, sold around 2.7 million albums and 3.4 million singles in the US.

6. Madonna

300 million overall music unit sales have been generated by the “Like a Prayer” vocalist. With a mix of musical genres, Madonna has sung songs of Seasonal, Pop, and Electronic dance music in a diversified manner.

7. Ella Fitzgerald

The ageless and flexible voice of the ‘Queen of Jazz’ Ella Fitzgerald generated the sales of 40 million albums. The “Lullaby of Birdland” singer has left an everlasting impression with her memorable songs.

8. Adele

The ethereal voice of Adele is incomparable. Having 120 million music sales in total, Adele has granted tracks that are no less than a gift to us, including the very popular “Hello.” With her R&B/Soul tracks, she is ruling every heart.

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9. Sia Furler

The Pop and Electronic dance music songs that she has sung are evergreen. Her songs “Cheap Thrill” and “Titanium” have got billions of views on YouTube. She is also an activist for the rights of animals.

10. Christina Aguilera

In total, 75 million records have been sold by Christina Aguilera. With most of her songs belonging to Pop and Hip-Hop/Rap styles, Christina has given some incredible songs including “Dirrty” and “Genie in a Bottle.”

11. Nina Simone

Nina Simone is one of the most deserving ones to be discussed here. Her songs mostly covered the folk, jazz, pop, R&B, blues, gospel, and classical genres. In the last years of her life, around 1 million physical copies were purchased by her fans. The “I loves you Porgy” singer is still remembered and paid tribute by many.

12. Beyoncé

Beyoncé, the “Irreplaceable” vocalist has been the heartbeat of millions in the world with sales of altogether 118 million copies (as a solo performer) and 60 million (as band “Destiny’s Child”). The R&B singer possesses a strong, confident, and influential personality.

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13. Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has to be here and no one of us would disagree. With total sales of 120 million music copies in the world, Stevie is known for her numerous masterworks including “Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around” and “Dreams.” Her music spans the genres of Country music, Rock and Pop.

14. Ariana Grande

Altogether, 90 million copies sales have been produced by Ariana worldwide. Her songs in Dance/Electronic and Pop genres have been widely listened to. The famous music tracks include “Into You” and “No tears left to cry.”

15. Cher

Here comes the ‘Goddess of Pop’ — Cher has an altogether claimed sales of 100 million records in the United States making her among the best-selling music artists. The “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” vocalist is recognized for her songs with mixed genres including Country music, Pop, Electronic dance music, and rock.

16. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, whose songs “Shake it Off” and “Blank Space” are present in the playlists of most of us, has sold around 114 million music in the world. Her music style span Country Pop Music and Pop.

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17. Katy Perry

The Electronic dance music and pop songs sung by Katy made records and gained popularity and resulting in strong sales of reportedly 135 million tracks and 48 million albums in total. The “Teenage Dream” singer is a global sensation with her melodious voice.

18. Dua Lipa

The disco-pop vocals of Dua Lipa define her identity as a singer. Mostly her musical styles include house, disco, and R&B which she considers “Dark Pop.” She has millions and billions of views on her YouTube songs, the famous among those are “New Rules” and “No Lie.”

19. Celine Dion

Most of us know her from the remarkable song she sang for “Titanic” movie which is “My heart will go on.” The iconic vocalist has some tremendous sales of around 200 to 250 million copies across the globe. Most of her music tracks belong to the Chanson and Pop styles.

20. Lady Gaga

Known for her unique and innovative appearances, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” are a few of the tremendous music tracks she has ever sung. Varying from Electropop, dance-pop, country music, electronic dance music, and pop, her song genres are diversified. Her song “Shallow” also has billions of views on YouTube apart from the singers mentioned above.

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21. Selena Gomez

The “Taki Taki” singer Selena Gomez has not only sold millions of copies or gained billions of views altogether, but she is a firm name now in the showbiz world. The Electronic dance music and pop songs that she has made trended and made headlines on the internet.

22. Britney Spears

She is a prominent figure in teen pop, undeniably. Britney Spears, known for the famous song tracks “Stronger” and “Piece of me,” has sold 100 million records. Most of the time has sung songs in Pop and Electronic dance music styles.

23. Miley Cyrus

The “Wrecking Ball” artist Miley Cyrus is known for her experimental, country pop, rock, and hip hop songs. The “Teen Queen” impressively sold 20 million album copies and 55 million singles around the globe. With all her fantastic and nostalgic songs, she is ruling our hearts.

24. Donna Summer

The ‘Queen of Disco’ Donna Summer generated total sales of 150+ million copies with her dominant position in the industry. “Hot Stuff” and “Bad Girls” are a few of the top listened and most favorite songs by Summer. Her genres include R&B/Soul, Country Music, and Electronic dance music.

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25. Lana Del Rey

Known for her revolutionary music specifically concerning cinematic quality, 131 million record sales have been generated by Lana Del Rey. Recognized for her Indie Rock songs and multiple musical styles songs, her phenomenal music tracks include “Born to Die” and “Video Games.”

By Georgios Antonopoulos

He is a worldwide author who likes beautiful women and knows how to describe them to others. Apart from that, he likes to travel and enjoys family time!