The 20 Best Songs of Michael Jackson

The 20 Best Songs of Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson performing during dangerous tour | Image: BBC

I’m been an ardent fan of Michael Jackson since 2009. The first time when I saw performing him in the “Bad” Music video I was mesmerized by his look and charisma — he almost looked from another planet — still does. Putting his few songs on his iPod and listening to it in loop mode was real fun. I still miss those days when I gradually knowing the biggest musician on the planet. Like I said — being long time follower and growing up watching and listing to his glorious making, I can now manage to count down my favorite tracks which you would be agreed with — as these are the 15 best songs picked out of 100 music that MJ sung or even wrote throughout his career.

Although I excluded group songs, added his solo hits. few of them are underrated but for most of us, they deserve to be placed as his best tracks ever.

If you’d ask me which MJ’s greatest album? For me, I’d say it is Invincible, the most underrated MJ ever produced.

20. ‘Dangerous’ 1991

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19. ‘You Rock My World’ 2001

18. ‘Break of Dawn’ 2001

17. ‘Unbreakable’ 2001

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16. ‘Heaven Can Wait’ 2001

15. ‘Who Is It’ 1992

14. ‘Stranger In Moscow’ 1996

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13. ‘Liberian Girl’ 1989

12. ‘Heal The World’ 1992

11. ‘Remember The Time’ 1992

10. ‘Black Or White’ 1991

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9. ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ 1997

8. ‘Rock with You’ 1979

7. ‘Smooth Criminal’ 1988

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6. ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ 1987

5. ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ 1996

4. ‘Billie Jean’ 1983

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3. ‘Bad’ 1987

2. ‘Beat It’ 1983

1. ‘Thriller’ 1983

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