23 Hottest Photos of Sam Smith To Make Your Day!

Famous for singing masterpieces like “I’m Not The Only One” and “Too Good At Goodbyes”, Sam Smith is one of the finest singers and songwriters. The 1992-born English artist is recognized for a smooth voice that touched our souls to the core.

Staggering a net worth of around $45 million, Sam Smith started their career in 2007 through Youth Music Theatre UK but their career breakthrough was when their vocals were heard in “Latch” a song by Disclosure, the electronic music pair. Having said that they won multiple awards including Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and others, these accolades are not the only thing we should rely on in order to evaluate their fame and fandom. They are much more than this.

Citing Amy Winehouse and Adele as their musical inspirations, Sam Smith is blessed with a golden heart. They are quite emotional and it was evident when they talked about some of the unforgettable experiences they had while meeting some kids in Mosul, Iraq. The inner expressive Sam Smith is also quite concerned about appearance and health, emphasizing that one should always take care of their looks. They also shared their skincare routine in Vogue in 2020 in which they told the importance of splashing cold water every morning which is most probably going to prevent aging apparently.

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Their Instagram is usually enriched with them enjoying the fullest of life. We can see their pet dog or them promoting their upcoming music or sometimes enjoying the beauty of mother earth. Out of those incredible pics, we have gathered some of the hottest photos of Sam Smith that are extremely jaw-dropping and magnificent. Sam Smith is one of the rarest singers who take pride in their identity and doesn’t try hard to blend in.

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Image source: Sam Instagram