Top 10 Most Popular Pop Remixes of 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Pop Remixes
Image: Sia – ‘Unstoppable’ (R3HAB Remix) Cover art | YouTube

Has this ever happened to you that you listen to a song and wonder if there couldn’t be a better version of it? It happens and it’s quite natural. But creativity has no limits, and everything can be improvised. Thanks to the talented composers, music producers, and DJs who picked up some amazing tracks and remixed them with great bass and additional instruments.

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Here you are going to know what are the ten most popular pop remix songs of 2022 that are being listened to by people crazily. Most of them are grounded on songs that aren’t that older but a few of the old songs will take you back to the 80s or 90s era, with immense nostalgia.

1. Sia – ‘Unstoppable’ (R3HAB Remix)

2016 released “Unstoppable” was written by Sia along with Christopher Braide. From her 6th album, This is acting, the song gives us some chills and was a massive hit. Moreover, it was later remixed in 2022 by R3hab, a music producer and a DJ. The remix was released on YouTube in July 2022. The native just like its name is an empowerment anthem and has strong and challenging lyrics and stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks.

2. GAYLE – ‘abc’ (The Wild Remix)

GAYLE, originally called Taylor Rutherford, launched her single “abc” in August 2021 and the song conquered the Billboard charts internationally. After a few months of its release, later the track was decided to be remixed by The Wild, a rock-n-roll band. People gave a farewell to 2021 with that astounding soundtrack. Gayle wrote the lyrics herself alongside David Pittenger and Sara Devis. The music video of the original track seems like a recorded reel of some teenage friends having fun.

3. Lizzo – ‘About Damn Time’ (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

As if the original song was not enough to drive people wild, Lizzo, after a month released the remix of her song “About Damn Time” in May soon after the original song was premiered on YouTube in April. The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed for 2 weeks at number 1. Penned down by many songwriters including Blate Slatkin, Melissa Jefferson, and others, the remix has been composed by Tino Piontek, a DJ, and music producer, also known as Purple Disco Machine.

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4. Beyoncé, – ‘BREAK MY SOUL’ ( Remix)

The Billboard Hot 100 ruling song “BREAK MY SOUL” of Beyoncé’s album Renaissance was released this year in June, penned down by the diva herself and other songwriters, including Jay-, Tricky Stewart, and others. The record-breaking singer’s song climbed Billboard’s charts, with its melody giving 90’s vibes, leaving people astonished. She recently released a remix after collaborating with in August and it was FIRE! Seems like the people were waiting for this remarkable collaboration of both legendary singers to happen for a long time.

5. Charlie Puth – ‘Light Switch’ (Tiësto Remix)

Charlie Puth, being one of the most popular singers, is said to create music that touches the heart of each of us. Having said that his 2022-premiered song “Light Switch” became everyone’s favorite within a week of its release. Puth, even before waiting for the album Charlie to come out, gifted a thrilling Tiësto Remix to his fans and they can’t thank him enough for this. After feeling delighted over the overwhelming international response to the song, the remix by the Dutch DJ, Tiësto is now receiving worldwide praise and popularity.

6. Marshmello, Khalid – ‘Numb’ (KC Lights Remix)

Written by Khalid Robinson, Christopher Comstock, and others, “Numb” is the song that was listed among the best dance tracks just after it was made available to the public on YouTube in June 2022. The remarkable collaboration was a successful hit and the track was later remixed by the Scottish DJ, Kerr Slaven also referred to as KC Lights. The original can be seen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as well, shining on 60th position for 4 weeks.

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7. Cat Burns – ‘go’ (goddard. Remix)

Bet you can’t resist listening to this song on loop if you have listened to it once. Cat Burns, the British singer, posted it on YouTube in 2022 while it was released 2 years back. The track appears on the Billboard Global 200 and it was a well-deserved accomplishment. Not only this but it got recognized on other global charts too. Together with George Morgan, the young artist wrote the lyrics herself. The musical band, Goddard remixed the song and it legit gives goosebumps whenever played.

8. Kate Bush – ‘Running Up That Hill’ (KREAM Remix)

The Norwegian DJ pair, KREAM picked up the song “Running up That Hill” from 1985 by Kate Bush and presented a remix that left us enthralled. The original track came out in 1985 when most probably some of us were not even born. Written by Kate, the track becomes the soundtrack of Stranger Things season 4 and hit the Billboard 200 chart. The insane remix made the people vulnerable enough to go into the depth of 80s vibes, with a modern-day composition being something worth listening to.

9. Rosa Linn – ‘Snap’ (Fargo Remix)

The Gen Z singer Roda Linn’s “Snap” made headlines when people saw the song honored by the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 chart. As a songwriter, Rosa is to be given the credit for the amazing lyrics including Courtney Harrell, Tamar Kaprelian, and others. The track was remixed and came out on YouTube, 3 months after the original song was released. Fargo, a music producer, composed the remix and now, we have finally got a song to add to our playlist for the next disco party.

10. The Weeknd – ‘How Do I Make You Love Me’ (Sebastian Ingrosso & Salvatore Ganacci)

Released in 2022, “How Do I Make You Love Me” by Weeknd made us all agree to the fact that his music never disappoints. The remix of the track by Salvatore Ganacci and Sebastian Ingrosso, the Swedish DJs, is available on YouTube since July the same year with so much 90s in the music per the comments made. Belonging to the album Dawn FM, the song is all about the desire of being loved and to bring out the real in someone you love.

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