9 Women Michael Jackson Might Have Dated at Some Point

Although the legendary King of Pop is the heartbeat of every generation and it was hard for a young woman especially in the 80s and 90s to refrain from falling for him. Like fans, the superstar ladies of that era also had a spark in their eyes after seeing the adorable man around him and it seemed quite obvious that they were enjoying his company.

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Because of the paparazzi and tabloids that used to make gossip out of everything they see or observe without any validity, the public assumed that MJ was dating some of the ladies that they were quite familiar with and were seen as very casual with him. Including the stunning Brooke Shields and the sensational Whitney Houston, certain ladies were closely associated with him and many people believed that there was some heat between them. We have excluded MJ’s spouses as he dated them for sure. Presenting you 9 women with whom Jackson reportedly dated.

1. Tatum O’Neal

Tatum O’Neal and Michael jackson dating
Image: Fanpop

Tatum O’Neal is one of the famous ladies associated with Jackson. They met in their teenage and dated for some time but since both of them had their own careers, it was uncertain for them to continue with each other. Also, the actress felt that intimacy compatibility was missing between the two.

2. Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills and Michael jackson dating
Image: Twitter

As per Closer Weekly, the R&B singer Stephanie confessed that she dated the King of Pop for almost 1.5 years and she found her a “truly caring, humble, kind, and soft-spoken guy.” The two met when they were quite young and even, being a 20-year-old girl, the singer was all set up to enter into marriage with Jackson but he was completely focusing on his career at that time and the relationship couldn’t last long.

3. Diana Ross

Diana Ross and Michael jackson dating
Image: Michael Jackson Official site

There were many ups and downs in the relationship Diana and Michael had. When Michael was young, he considered her a mother figure but later his obsession with her made him feel she was more than that for him. When Diana dated other men and married Arne Naess, MJ was reportedly quite upset about it. As per ABC news, Jackson mentioned Diana Ross as the alternative guardian to his children after his death if his mother couldn’t make it for them. This shows the level of trust he holds for Ross. They both shared an on-and-off relationship and it was quite difficult to conclude what Ross meant to Jackson.

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4. Whitney Houston

scmp and Michael jackson dating and relationship
Image: scmp

One of Jackson’s ex-bodyguards Matt Fiddes told The Sun in an interview that Houston and Jackson stayed in Neverland together in the early 1990s but the fling couldn’t last longer and finished in 2 weeks with Jackson hoping for it to sustain. Earlier, Whitney was said to have an affair with Jackson’s elder brother Jermaine as well, due to which the “Billie Jean” star was quite upset. The two iconic stars met in 1991 and since their mindsets were quite alike, she made her place in Jackson’s heart in no time.

5. Shana Mangatal

Shana Mangatal and Michael jackson dating
Image: Yahoo

You may not be familiar with this lady so give a brief intro of hers. Shana is an experienced author who worked with superstars including Michael Jackson. From being a fan of Jackson to being a member of his team and ultimately dating him, Shana reportedly had an affair with Jackson and shared all her romantic experiences in the book she authored “Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance.”

6. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Michael jackson dating
Image: Pinterest

Supposedly, Jackson also dated the very gorgeous Brooke Shields. The love birds met in 1981 when Shields was a young teenager and after that, they were both seen together frequently. Many of the photos show them kissing in a friendly way on each other’s cheeks but things didn’t go officially after Brooke refused Jackson’s proposal in the 1980s as she was not ready for a commitment. Even in the 1990s, the two shared a friendly bond and were seen with each other happily.

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7. Madonna

Madonna and Michael jackson dating
Image: Billboard

People went crazy when they saw Madonna coming along with Jackson to the academy awards 1991 as her date. Seeing the two superstars of that time together, apparently as a couple was quite fascinating to see. Nevertheless, MJ confessed that she was in love with him.

8. Tatiana Thumbtzen

Tatiana Thumbtzen and Michael jackson dating
Image: Pinterest

The lucky girl Tatiana made it finally after knowing that she was one Michael picked among 200 girls who would have auditioned for the “The Way You Make Me Feel” music video. Although there are no such facts that the two dated, the public speculated if there must be something in between the two when Thumbtzen surprisingly kissed Jackson on stage in the middle of the performance after which she was reportedly fired.

9. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael jackson friendship
Image: Michael Jackson official site

Jackson, feeling possessive after knowing Elizabeth Taylor is taking interest in other men, definitely made the fans feel that there is a special place in his heart for her. You might have thought they dated at some point but the two confessed that it was nothing more than a good friendship. Although the media tried to dig out their bond but nothing as such was found. Taylor and Jackson met in the 1980s and she proved to be one of his most loyal companions even after Jackson’s death in 2009.

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