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Top 10 Most Popular Giveon Songs of All Time!

Top 10 Most Popular Giveon Songs of All Time!
Image: Giveon Insta
Top 10 Most Popular Giveon Songs of All Time!
Image: Giveon Insta

A fine young man’s inspiration from a renowned music icon, Frank Sinatra blossomed into a handsomely packaged bundle of talent that is California’s own Giveon Evans, that R&B singer who has us enchanted with his vocals and lyrical artistry. Since his debut with “Garden Kisses” in 2018, the songwriter has only doled out classics; music that naturally epitomizes the uniqueness and ingenuity of his creativity.

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Invested in building a distinct identity as an upcoming act in entertainment, Giveon did not only end up attracting successful artists and labels. The “Lost Me” star, in only a few years, has landed two world-class features in his career yet, with world-class musician, Drake through “Chicago Freestyle,” in 2020 and Canadian superstar, Justin Bieber through “Peaches” in 2021.

Gaining increased recognition from his initial breakthrough, the singer soon made it to the top as one of Billboard’s leading artists with his chart-topper and Grammy-nominated debut EP, Take Time, in 2021. The chart highlights soon increased when the multiple platinum/gold-certified, and Grammy-nominated single, “Heartbreak Anniversary” made it to Billboard Hot 100, rising to No. 16 and number one in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Making it to number 11 on US Billboard 200, the songwriter’s debut album, Give or Take has all the makings of a successful project, with all three singles, “For Tonight,” “Lie Again,” and “Lost Me” charting excellently, with award-winning potentials. Giveon Evans is no doubt, a fan favorite who is deserving of the credits he gets, and this list of his top popular songs establishes it.

1. Heartbreak Anniversary

2. For Tonight

3. Like I Want You

4. Lost Me

5. For Tonight

6. Stuck On You

7. Make You Mine

8. Still Your Best

9. Let Me Go

10. Scarred

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