10 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time

10 Most Expensive Music Videos of All Time
Image: MJ & Janet ‘Scream’ / Youtube/Sony

Pleasure is intense when most of the senses are involved. A person listening to something melodious from the ears will enjoy it more while seeing something fascinating from the eyes at the same time. The concept of music videos has set some high standards for the artists and now only composing good songs is not the only target but making a high-quality music video with good direction, storyline, and location is also crucial for a song’s success. The billions of views on YouTube are evidence of this expectation of the audience.

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The most expensive videos feature the legendary singers whom we know for sure. Although in this 21st century especially when the internet decides the future of a celebrity, artists are trying hard to bring unique and special content with advanced effects, the 20th-century artists and their teams are still on the top and have surpassed everyone as their music videos are still declared as high budgeted ones.

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Michael Jackson’s “Scream,” Madonna’s “Die Another Day” and Gwen Stefani’s “Make Me Like You” are a few of the most expensive music videos that despite being decades old, have managed to sustain their high positions. In fact, they made records and gained fame because of the vast expenses that occurred in their making. Most of the expenditure was consumed by the special effects that were not commonly used in those times. Thanks to the creators who made such masterpieces and now we can see the healthy competition evolving in the entertainment industry. Have a look, and praise their work.

1. ‘Scream’ Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson (1995)

($7 Million)

2. ‘Die Another Day’ Madonna (2002)

($6.1 Million)

3. ‘Express Yourself’ Madonna (1989)

($5 Million)

4. ‘Bedtime Story’ Madonna (1995)

($5 Million)

5. ‘Estranged’ Guns n Roses (1993)

($4 Million)

6. ‘Black or White’ Michael Jackson (1991)

($4 Million)

7. ‘Make Me Like You’ Gwen Stefani (2016)

($4 Million)

8. ‘Cartoon Heroes’ Aqua (2000)

($3.5 Million)

9. ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)’ Limp Bizkit (2000)

($3 Million)

10. ‘Victory’ Puff Daddy ft. Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes (1998)

($2.7 Million)

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