29 Seriously Sexy Photos of Gwendoline Christie!

Age is just a number, they say it right. After looking at someone in your life, very rare you feel that way and ask yourself are they really aging or not. Or maybe there is some magic formula that keeps them young and fresh still. Today, you are going to see one of those faces that seem like forever young. We are talking about Gwendoline Christie.

The 1978-born lady is known for her roles in Game of Thrones majorly. Apart from that, she is recognized for her performance in Captain Phasma as well. Due to her excessive tall height, she was trolled at a young age. People were not sure if she could make it to the big screen or will be recognized for her acting as most of the attention will be caught by her appearance instead of her acting. Christie believed in herself and didn’t quit. Fortunately, the series of GOT required a character to have a tall and muscular appearance for which Christie was the best choice. Her career graph was boosted by it.

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Not only does she have a gifted body but a naturally beautiful face especially her vibrant smile is to die for. her red-carpet moments, and her presence in the award ceremonies, all have a separate fan base. People are quite optimistic considering her career and think that she must get some more exciting projects in the future that can further enhance her acting skills. Her small roles have given her extreme fame and netizens believe that after getting lead roles and prominent characters, she is going to steal the show from many young artists.

She is confident, intelligent, and humble. Her laugh cures sadness and her sassiness always captivates the people surrounding her. Here is presenting some of Gwendoline Christie’s sexy photos for you.

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Thanks to Christie’s Instagram for Images.