How Much Michael Jackson Earned Since His Death

photo: npr

The king of pop who died on 25 June 2009, apparently caused by acute propofol has been atop-earning dead artist and has made over $2.5 billion since then per Forbes magazine.

In 2016 Sony acquired Jackson’s 50% Sony/Atv catalog rights for $750 million which is the highest annual amount earned by any dead or living artist. The same year Jackson made another $75 million which went up to a staggering total of $825 million.

Michael’s second most commercially successful year has had 2018, and made around $400 million, out of which $287 million was raked from his EMI Music Publishing stake sales.

His earnings mostly come from his valuable music catalog, Prometheus albums of unreleased tracks, and image and merchandising. His 20% of possessions still go to children’s causes, and 80% to his family per Jackson’s will.

Although Jackson lived larger than life, in the final days his expenses were higher than his earnings. According to The Associated Press, MJ left around a fortune of $800 million worth and assets but also had debt of approx $331 million, and he did not die poor!

To give you a clear picture, Jackson’s annual earnings chart has been broke down from 2009 to 2021 below.

Year Rank Earnings
20213.$75 million
20201.$48 million
20191.$60 million
20181.$400 million
20171.$75 million
20161.$825 million
20151.$115 million
20141.$140 million
20131.$160 million
20122.$145 million
20111.$170 million
20101.$275 million
20093.$90 million

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