Top 10 Most Popular Calum Scott Songs of All Time

Top 10 Most Popular Calum Scott Songs of All Time
Image: Calum Scott Instagram

Remember the time when 26-year-old Calum Scott set Britain’s Got Talent’s stage on fire when his magical vocals came out and we all hear “Dancing on my own” in his unique singing style? The guy has now a powerful identity in the entertainment world and his best tracks are nothing but a blessing to our ears.

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The 1988-born English singer was motivated to be a singer by his sister and since then that spark enlightened the fire within him. Before the BGT contest, he participated in multiple other platforms and after the historic success in BGT, he officially released the track as a single, that he sang in the former competition. Fortunately, people showered their love for his work for the very first time and the song appeared on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Scott has released 2 studio albums so far, Only Human and Bridges in 2018 and 2022 respectively. Moreover, he is the proud winner of the British LGBT Award in 2018 and a Septimius Award in 2022. The pop star’s popular songs helped him establish a passionate fan base and as you scroll down, you are going to believe it.

1. You Are The Reason

2. Dancing On My Own

3. Rhythm Inside

4. No Matter What

5. Cross Your Mind

6. If You Ever Change Your Mind

7. Rise

8. Heaven ft. Lyodra

9. Bridges

10. Biblical

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