26 Sexy Photos of Alissa Violet on the Internet

Alissa Violet is a social media influencer, a YouTuber, Instagram and TikTok model that is so much appreciated by her fans. She is an American by birth, born and raised in Brunswick, Ohio, and attended the Ohio Brunswick High school. She was born in 1996, and she is still so young and can influence the generation Y born in 2010 and after.

Alissa Violet once participated in the Team 10 web group that was initiated and directed by Jake Paul. It’s also important to know that Jake Paul was known to be Alissa’s boyfriend for at least three years, and then they broke up.

Alissa Violet is a hot woman and a very prominent performer who likes to perform for her fans through her YouTube channel which has been famous and popular for unique content showing her friends and what she does in her daily life.

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Alissa decided to relocate to Los Angeles and be close to where things move and ensure she upscales her modeling and acting career. Alissa also has a pretty successful YouTube account where she attracted millions of fans. She keeps on collaborating with celebrities like Rice Gum and Logan Paul, uploading music videos that are well-appreciated by the public.

Alissa is also said to have been dating Faze Banks for at least two years. They broke up in 2019 and Alissa decided to be silent about the reasons for their failing relationship. However, a few months later Alissa decided to reveal to her fans the reasons for their separation from Faze, and that’s because of his cheating behavior.

Her body type is extremely fit. Alissa tries to go to the gym at least once per day and tries to adopt new ideas and this way attracts more fans to her social media accounts. Alissa Violet is a true star for her fans and keeps on having the spotlight on her!

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Thanks to Violet Instagram for photos.

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