28 Unseen Sexy Photos of Malu Trevejo on the Internet

Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-American pop singer that has been closely ascending the charts in the United States. Aside from her great singing career, Malu is also known for her extreme social media presence where she has Instagram and TikTok accounts with millions of followers.

Malu Trevejo was originally born in Havana, Cuba, in 2002 and she immigrated to Spain with her two parents. However, in Spain, she had the chance to test her acting skills as a child, and later on, when she was 13, she got back with her mother to live in Miami, Florida.

When she first registered for the (now TikTok) she debuted with a single called “Luna Liena” and gathered more than 100 million views making her one of the most promising teen singers in America.

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Malu Trevejo seems to be single but she also dates boyfriends from time to time. For instance, NBA Youngboy the famous rapper was rumored to be her boyfriend in 2017. There are also rumors that she dated the rapper Central C since some of their common pictures on Instagram show them kissing. However, Malu decided to turn down these rumors and she seems to be single.

She has a contract with the famous singer Travis Scott to play some songs together but it seems like their relationship will be rocky as always. It’s obvious that Malu likes more to act and sing with Cactus and other rappers than being with Travis Scott since they have some disputes over the long run.

Malu is sexy and looks after herself by eating right, dancing, exercising, and sleeping well to ensure that she always has the energy and stamina to complete her demanding daily program. She is one of the social media personas that people love to watch!

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Thanks to Trevejo Instagram for photos.

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