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How Much is Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth in 2022?

What is Mia Khalifa's Net Worth
Image: Mia Khalifa Instagram
What is Mia Khalifa's Net Worth
Image: Mia Khalifa Instagram
Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Influencer/Internet Personality
Date of Birth:February 10, 1993
Country:Beirut, Lebanon
Last Update:2022

Years have passed since that one-time sensational adult actress from Lebanon broke the internet with her viral ‘hijab video’, sending major Islamic Institutions in the Middle East, as well as moralists across the world into a frenzy, backlashing and threatening her over the ‘abominable’ act that she had committed. Although she did end up having a messy and short-lived career with her early exit from the scenes, Mia Khalifa remains, to date a very popular figure, leading the search list as Pornhub’s most searched performer back then. It is no surprise that Khalifa still manages to make the top list of the most searched-for adult performers today. While she’s been out of the business for a while, the controversial entertainer seems to be doing quite well for herself, as much as those cool Instagram photos have told us.

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Mia’s Net worth, Income Sources, and Assets

Given the fact that her fame is certainly tied to her sensational moments as the ‘hijab’ girl, it would surprise you that the popularity is probably the most she git from the experience. According to Mia Khalifa, the whole frenzy and months of being in the news during her entire adult-film career only gave her about $12,000. Therefore, every other dollar that the creator has made is to her own credit, and not proceeds from the viral visuals. In 2022, Mia Khalifa’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth site. Well, she’s been going hard at it with her current career, gaining from multiple streams of income. Her Audi, BMW i8, Bentley Continental GT, Lexus E8, and Ferrari F12, among other assets, are proof that she’s got things going just great for her.

Apart from making her cool cash through Instagram paid advertisements and brand endorsements, she also commercializes her private photos on the popular OnlyFans platform, as she has accrued millions from there alone. Then, her major sports career has clearly been all shades of superb, giving her opportunities to shine, and showcase the brains she’s got through the numerous shows that she’s been hired to anchor, like her co-hosting job with Gilbert Arenas on Complex’s Out of Bounds show, as well as cooking shows like ‘Slopped’ as well as podcasts like the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast series.

Early Life

Apparently, Mia’s experience as a subject of attention did not start in 2014, but goes way back to her school days, when the teenage ‘Sarah Joe Chamoun’ was subject to bullying and discrimination. Considering the kind of upbringing she had, her parents probably never thought that their dear young Sarah would grow to become the top-rated adult movie star. However, working her way through school high school, and higher education as a student of History at the University of Texas, while managing jobs in bartending, as well as modeling, before trying out nude shots in 2013. By then, Mia had got a mind of her own, aiming to do something different, and seemingly, ‘out of bounds,’ and that, she definitely did!

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Adult Career

21-year-old Mia Khalifa kickstarted her first year in the world of sensual shoots and nude bodies in 2014, probably unsure of what the new oath held in store for her. However, the young adult performer didn’t have to wait too long to find out. This is because the major catalyst of her fame and the career-defining moment came early enough in October 2014, when Miami-based film studio, Bangbros featured Khalifa, alongside other actors in the shoot that would soon blow out beyond her wildest imagination. With the level of popularity that came with the controversies and revenue accrued, you would think that Mia Khalifa started out her debut year with incredible feats. However, the actress was beset with international criticisms and threats, while having to face her family’s rejection, as well as being rewarded with little compensation from the company. The career, which was on for about there months, finally saw an end in 2015 when Mia made her exit.


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Current Career Path

Following the eventful period, Mia Khalifa had a remarkable career transition, into social media influencing, content creation, and marketing, with her presence on YouTube and Twitch, while managing a major career in the world of sports. No doubt, the contrasting shift that she had, from being an adult actress to becoming a thriving Sports commentator would be surprising. However, the smart lady only built upon her innate interest in sports. Apparently, Mia Khalifa had always been a fan of sports, even as a child. Therefore, the actress, while making the switch to a new path, decided to finally follow her passion. With her appointment as a Sports talk show host for Out of Bounds, she launched into her post-adult-film life.

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Personal Life

Before the actress had her marriage with popular chef, Robert Sandburg in 2019, she had already been in a marriage in 2011, lasting for Puerto-Rico-born. However, her marriage with Robert marriage got dissolved about two years later in 2021. Now, she is reportedly together with Jhay Cortez, who is a Puerto-Rico-born singer and rapper.

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