How Much is Lana Rhoades Net Worth in 2022?

What is Lana Rhoades Net Worth
Image: Lana Rhoades Youtube
Net Worth:$24 Million
Profession:Influencer/Internet Personality
Date of Birth:September 06, 1996
Country:Paraná, Brazil
Last Update:2022

Before she made her exit years back, Lana Rhoades had already worked her way up to be a famous and successful adult actress, among others. However, the entertainer, due to personal reservations announced her withdrawal from the seemingly profitable vocation and chose to pursue a different path instead, within only five years of her time there. There’s no doubt that many would be interested to know how well she’s faring with her new career choices and how different life is for her, after her departure from the adult film industry. With details of her current lifestyle and career inclusive, here’s a piece made in respect of the performer’s net worth.

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Net worth, Income Sources, and Assets

It’s no secret that Amara ‘Lana Rhoades’ Maple gained from her adult film career, a great level of fame, and exposure. However, from her submissions, it’s quite easy to tell that her income wasn’t quite satisfactory to what she makes now. According to the actress in her video with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, she mentioned: “I had $100,000 in my bank account when I quit shooting porn and now I’m a multi-millionaire.” So, you can say that the adult movie star turned online entrepreneur has now got her hands on the big bucks. In late 2021, the star showed off her newly acquired mansion, worth over a million dollars, with exotic cars including a Mercedes-Benz, Land Range Rover plus a Lamborghini, among others. In fact, Lana Rhoades’s net worth, as of 2022 amounts to about $24 million, according to Ladbible. Alongside making a nice chunk from her digital career online, Lana also earns quite handsomely from her OnlyFans account, which serves as a great replacement for the entertainer.

Current Career Path

From all indications, it is safe to say that Lana has definitely got that genius streak, and you would agree with this when you learn about her life after the transition. Pursuing interests in diversified showbiz, Lana Rhoades now manages a massive following of millions who connect to her social media page on Instagram, where she serves as an influencer to different brands, earning substantial amounts for ads. With similar energy, the Instagram star delved into creating digital content, majoring in podcasts, like the “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” podcast, which she hosts alongside two partners, while she has appeared occasionally on others like “Impulsive with Logan Paul,” and “No Jumper,” and quite a few.


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Adult Career

Rhoades began the process of her entry into the industry back in the early 2010s, when she began to send in her applications to talent agencies at age 18. Getting in with Spiegler Girls did influence her progress, as she was able to get in with more adult movie agencies, thus improving her career experience, as well as giving her a huge boost as a famous sweetheart for the screens within three years of her start. While lots of fans are aware of the thespian’s comeback and final exit in 2020, it’ll interest you to learn that Lana had actually announced her retirement two years before.

Early Life

While the former adult star is well known as Lana Rhoades, a stage name which she took up at her debut shoot in 2016, she actually goes by Amara Maple, who before her name change, actually had quite an adventurous background. Raised in McHenry County, Illinois, Lana had the regular happy child years, engaging in sports and more fun stuff like cheerleading in school, while staying with her religious family. However, transitioning into her teenage years also came with her desire to explore the world of sexuality, a longing that soon took shape in her late teens.

Personal Life

With everything seemingly put together, it’s quite satisfying to know that Lana Rhoades has got things going for her outside social media. While she managed her thriving online business, she also doubles as a sweet mom of one to her son, Milo.

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