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24 Jaw-dropping Hot Photos of Gigi Hadid on the Internet

Jaw-dropping Hot Photos of Gigi Hadid on the Internet
Photo: Gigi Handid Instagram

When this runway and fashion supermodel, Gigi Hadid strides across any pathway, it’s impossible for her not to turn one or two heads, with eyes fixated on her elegant stance and confident walk. Even if you’ve not been crushing on the perfect figure that Gigi has got, she’s no doubt caught your admiration from her numerous magazine covers and fashion shoots. She’s got the skills and experience as one leading queen in the world of modeling, and that’s because she didn’t begin today, or 10 years ago. Actually, you can say that Gigi has been doing this all her life. We’ve got some pretty exciting details about this LA diva that you’d not want to miss out on.

Barely two years into her childhood, the beautiful young Gigi started her modeling career, for Baby Guess under Paul Marciano’s American clothing brand, Guess. Wondering how the toddler bagged such a cool deal? Well, she’s got a mother who’s a veteran in the art — the elegant Yolanda Hadid, formerly known as Van Den Herik. Being so young and of school age, the contract had to be paused to allow baby Gigi to get on with her formal education, after which she resumed back in 2011, as a teenage model.

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Since her official breakthrough, after joining IMG Models in 2013, the fashion star has made so many appearances on different fashion books and magazine covers, as well as style events. Topping the list of her most notable features is her over 30 Vogue cover shoots. Also, she has been in the Tom Ford campaigns, 2014 Galore Magazine cover, Schon!, The Wall Street Journal, Elle, and many big magazines. The star has also walked the runway from world-class designers, the likes of Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul, Versace, Chanel, Max Mara, and Fenty x Puma, among a ton of others. Gigi Hadid is a global star in her space, with one of the best figures across the world. If you don’t believe it, these hot photos should convince you.

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Thanks to Gigi’s Instagram for photos.

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