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38 Jaw-dropping Sexy Photos of Paige Vanzant

Jaw-dropping Sexy Photos of Paige Vanzant
Photo: Paige Vanzant Instagram

MMA champion and former UFC star fighter, Paige Vanzant has always been in the spotlight for being an outstanding and super-skilled fighter. Given her professional performances, numerous wins, and first-class recognition among others, it’s common to think that Paige has been at it for years, an assumption which isn’t far from the truth. The wrestler’s arrival and journey to stardom in Mixed Martial Arts go way back to 18-year-old Paige Michelle Vanzant’s quest for dance lessons, a pursuit which ended up in her fateful discovery of a gymnasium, leading to the start of her martial arts career.

Through Paige’s long and eventful Ultimate Fight Championship years as a strawweight and flyweight fighter, the Californian-born artist has bouted and been victorious with the likes of Kailin Curran, Alex Chambers, Felice Herrig, Bec Rawlings, and Rachel Ostovich, among other top fighters. In fact, it is quite evident that some of VanZant’s most popular career highlights come from her days in UFC. Therefore, it was not quite expected when the author cum model decided to pull out and move on from the group to join the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships – BKFC. Quite determined to take her career to the peak, we see the MMA artist take yet another step up to becoming a professional in the game, and we’re here to see her keep killing it!

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It’s quite humorous that this champion of bouts would actually come off as a simple, beautiful woman who’s just by herself. Apart from the fact that Paige is super famous for her strength and skills, she would really not do bad being a beauty queen for the magazines. If you’re not so sure about that, you might want to take a swipe up to see some of these breathtaking, sexy photos of three pretty fighters that we’ve got for you.

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Thanks to Vanzant Instagram for photos.

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