33 Sexy Photos of Natalia Dyer on the Internet

Starting out as a child actor from Disney’s 2009 “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” Natalia Dyer has grown in age and career to become a global star playing a lead role on one of Netflix’s most popular shows. The beautiful Natalia had been in a number of movies and TV shows before finally landing her Nancy Wheeler role in the Stranger Things series – through which she got mainstream recognition. Notable and most common among these are ” The Greening of Whitney Brown,” where she acted as Lily and then her Davina character in Leah Meyerhoff’s 2014 “I believe in Unicorns” movie.

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Getting her arm sprained and being ejected out of sports camp down to the drama camp must have been a sad moment for the young Natalia Dyer. However, little did she know that this would be a defining moment for her future vocation. Evidently fueled by the exciting time in that drama group, the aspiring actress in her had pressed on to the Nashville School of the Arts in Tennessee, United States. Before she even landed her very first TV role in 2009, the NYU student turned Hollywood star had been actively involved in theatre and stage acting. In fact, her prior acting experience was with To Kill a Mockingbird, a stage play by Harper Lee.

Natalie is a great actress, and she’s got that screen talent that cannot be refuted. Her journey to the top had been inundated with her ill health, coupled with her higher education at New York University. However, the actress had maintained a relentless pursuit, attending auditions and acting jobs in between studying in school till she had to take a break to focus on one. Today, Dyer has risen to be a celebrated and highly sought-after performer. We are more than enthusiastic to see her beautiful self killing it in more productions in the coming years. Here are some of her best hot photos to keep you entertained before the new season.

Natalia is truly slaying in this recent pic..


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