49 Sexy Photos of Timeless Beauty Marilyn Monroe Ever!

For about seventeen years, the world looked on and marveled at the stupendous reign of Hollywood sweetheart, and California’s own Artichoke Queen, the legendary Marilyn Monroe, the Los Angeles-born entertainer, who lived and has got a blazing legacy that lives on. The screen icon her time in the spotlight, and she pretty much lived it as her own era, such that the imprints of her influence will remain ever visible, even in coming generations. With the signature blond bobby Monroe hair and the mentions of the grace in several media pieces, there’s no doubt that you’re well aware of who the trailblazing figure is. However, let’s throw it back to the ’40s and take a little peek at the humble beginnings of Norma Jeane Mortenson, the orphanage girl, who evolved to become the legendary performer and megastar.

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‘Norma’ had quite a tumultuous and unhappy childhood characterized by a lack of parental care which had her switching up homes and being married off to a much older man at the young age of 16. Her journey into the entertainment wasn’t a smooth, well-cut-out ride either. Getting in through modeling as Jean Norma, the ambitious young woman soon transitioned into theatrical scenes as Marilyn Monroe, keeping a quite unstable persona on either side, before she finally had her first years of a breakthrough as an American actress in the 1950s. When she did arrive, Monroe actually burst in, not only into Hollywood screens, but came in with more far-reaching revolutions, in sexism, femme power, culture, beauty and fashion, and more.

The entertainer, who lived as a highly-sought after actress, will always be remembered as one of the greatest legends that ever made it to our screens. We’ve put together some of Marilyn Monroe’s sexy photos. You’ll definitely love to see them, as we selected from the best.

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Thanks to Monroe Instagram for photos.

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