40 Unseen Sexy Photos of Luisa Rubino on the Web!

Known for her unforgettable role as Andrea Nez in the popular Netflix present — Narcos: Mexico 2021, Luisa Rubino has shown some really promising acting skills in all the projects that she has done. The 1998-born is a tall person with a beautiful face and an extra hot figure, which can be said as an overall perfect woman appearance.

With an approximate net worth of $1.5 million, Rubino actress-cum-model is social media personality too. The Mexican artist has thousands of followers in 2022 which may raise to millions and it won’t be a surprise for us cause a girl like her should be known and adored by almost everyone. The young Rubino had an interest in acting from a very small age. Although the tense auditions made little Luisa nervous and shy, the confidence that she had since her childhood influenced her to move on and convert that hesitation into unbeatable energy.

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Luisa was once seen in a green shirt with deep open buttons in an interview with Mayra Hermosillo and since we saw her beautiful inside peeking out of her shirt, it was really hard to watch the interview and focus on what they were talking about. She is such a gorgeous lady who captivates the attention of the viewers with her pretty face and too good English accent.

If we see her old photos and videos, yes, she was beautiful forever but, is getting better and better with age. Rubino’s high cheekbones and a pointed chin are complimenting her allure. Apart from that, Rubino is a potential performer for future series and movies who can actually make them a hit in no time with her strong expressions just as she did in Fugitiva. Below photos have proven that Luisa Rubino has got some sexy curves and most importantly the poise she portrays is above all.

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Thanks to Rubino Instagram for photos.