32 Ridiculously Sexy Photos of Elley Duhé

America’s The Voice is one of the world’s biggest music shows credited for sourcing outstanding voices that are worthy enough for the world to hear and listen to. So, when 19-year-old Alabama contestant, Elley Duhé stepped onto the podium for her session of the show’s blind auditions and didn’t get a single affirmation button for judges, it must have seemed like her chances to thrive as a musician were quite low. Well, from the looks of it, that isn’t the case now, because four years after Elley made her quick exit from the singing competition in 2012, she came back to the music scenes with her A-game, releasing her debut single, “Millenium” in 2016. It was followed swiftly by “Immortal” in the same year, one month apart, and both singles received millions of streams on both Spotify and YouTube.

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Thus, Elley established her arrival and presence on stage and proceeded to make more records that also got popular acceptance and even made it to some of the world’s top charts. Her “Middle of the Night” single is one of her best yet, as the record was able to give the pop artist top 10s in multiple countries including US’ bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, Malaysia’s RIM, Hungary’s Stream Top 40, Slovakia’s Single Digital top 10, and made a chart-topper at No. 1 on Greece’s IFPI, among others. She has also received RIAA platinum recognitions for “Tie Me Down” and “Happy Now.”

Being a young girl who has always been passionate about singing, so much that she started making her music with her guitar very early in her teen years, and moved on to perform on several occasions, one can say that her career success is a dream come true for her. As the thriving artist moves on to create her music, we look forward to seeing her go bigger in the future. Until then, look below and see how you can rate each sexy photo of Elley Duhé that you see there on a scale of 1 to 10. Let’s go.

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Thanks to Duhé Instagram for photos.