32 Seriously Hot Photos of Charlize Theron That Ever Taken

African American thespian, Charlize Theron is one role player who you just can not get tired of watching on TV. Since she starred in her debut lead role as Mary Ann in Taylor Hackford’s “The Devil’s Advocate” in 1997, the South African actress has consistently delivered the best of herself in the different screen roles that she stars in.

From TV and web series to shows, films, and music videos, Theron has always proved her versatility in switching in and out of character without stress. Over time, the actress has acted in and produced Hollywood classics that end up becoming blockbusters.

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Charlize Theron has not only earned the admiration of her viewers and fans at home but also respect from her counterparts, for being a highly skilled and talented professional.

Theron’s success in the movie industry might have seemed impossible at the beginning when she had pursued a career in dance and acting to no avail. It’s a flipped story for her today as the Benoni-born actress is listed among the world’s highest-paid actresses, which everyone can tell is no small feat.

More than this, Charlize’s screen excellence has been recognized and applauded with accolades like her Academy Award for Best Actress in 2004 making her the first South African to receive the choices Oscar Award. She has also been honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame Award, Indie Impact Award, and Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in an Action movie among many others.

She might be one of the older women in American film, but Charlize Theron would forever remain a show stopper with her high fashion sense and beautiful looks. Check out some of her hottest pictures here and see if you would agree with us on that too.

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Thanks to Charlize Instagram for photos.