75 Jaw-dropping Sexy Photos of Blackpink’s Lisa!

Lisa is no doubt, one of our favorite girls in South Korea, and there’s no hidden reason behind this. Being a member of one of the world’s biggest pop bands will pretty much put you out here to the world, spontaneously increased her influence as a K-pop star, and provided a ready audience for her thriving solo career.

In the four-girl fan-loved group, Blackpink, Lalisa Manobal is a non-Korea native who has become a widely known artist of substance, talented singer, and influencer, as well as being recognized as one of the multi-record breakers in the world of music. The first of the many milestones of Lisa’s career began when she debuted with the girl bird, alongside three other group members over five years ago, under YG entertainment in 2016.

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Proving to be a badass star singer herself, the pop star has since the beginning of her almost one-year journey as a solo entertainer, performed outstandingly with her big break album, the only self-titled, chart-topping, and award-winning Lalisa project. Since its release in September 2021, this single album has ushered in for the singer, a series of records, sales, and respect as a first-time success. Getting a space among the Top 20 Albums of the Year (Overseas), a number one on Gaon Album chart, having a single hit the big No. 2 on Billboard Global 200, being named the most viewed Youtube video in 24 hours, among others are some of the feats attained by the Thai-singer in only a few months.

Apart from her growing music career, Manobal is popular for her superb taste in fashion and beauty, an attitude that has earned and landed her gigs with beauty brands across the globe including in her homeland. The beautiful dancer cum singer has got a long way to go and we definitely want to walk it through with her to the peak and beyond.

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